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Journal entry by Susan Peebles


Wayne and I arrived home yesterday after our month long stay in Houston.  Our blessed neighbors had our home cleaned and the grass cut.  I slept last night in fresh sheets, and oh how wonderful it was to sleep in my own bed again.  Today I went outside and just soaked in the sunshine and looking at the rose bushes and perennials peeking their heads through the soil.  Spring is my favorite time of the year.  It's great to be back home.

I received a call on Wednesday night from my surgeon at MD Anderson letting me know that the Tumor Board met.  The board is made up of medical oncologists, radiological oncologists, physicists, surgeons and I'm not even sure who else.  After studying my case, they believe they can help me to reduce the size of my tumor which is attached to my duodenum through radiation and some chemo.  This was great news for me because I thought my only option at this point was to go back to chemo.  Although surgery is the best option, that is no longer in my immediate future if ever.  The method they will be trying on me is not a cure, but it is better than chemo alone.  By reducing the size of the tumor, I may have a chance of living a longer life.

March 27, Wayne and I will head back out to Houston for testing and "planning" (which I'm not really  sure what that means or entails.)  We will fly back to Atlanta on March 30th. The team of doctors will spend five days putting together a plan of action for me.  (how often to give the radiation, how much radiation in the tumor, etc.)

On April 9th, I will begin the treatment that has been planned for me.  It will involve approximately 45 minutes to administer the radiation into the tumor.  It is a very precise procedure, as it was explained to me.  MD Anderson is the only option available for me to have this done.  Therefore, we will fly out again to Houston on April 8th.  The doctors are unsure at this point how many days I'll receive the radiation and chemo.  Typically, I was told, it can be anywhere from five days up to 25 days.  I'm hoping for way less than 25 days!!  If we have to stay a month, we will rent a small furnished apartment again.  If less, we will try to find a hotel in the MD Anderson Hospital district.

I am very excited about this opportunity.  I have been praying that the doctors would find a way to help me using radiation rather than chemo alone.  Thank you for all the prayers you have lifted on our behalf.  I know those prayers are working.  As I learn more, I'll keep everyone informed.

Love, Susan 
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