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Site created on February 21, 2019

Dear friends,
Been a change in my situation. Yesterday my leg was more swollen & sore than any day since my surgery for a new knee on 2/11/19.
This a.m., I saw Dr Naumann, he said, that my knee is doing very well, but I have done too much over the last 9 days.
I am very pleased , & grateful, that you have helped me, or have offered to help me in these last days. I will continue to need your help. Here's how you can help me through the next 2 or 3 weeks, please.

I need a person to come here at 7 a.m
1) move the ice machine from the bedroom to the living room
2) fill with ice cubes from my kitchen freezer
3) I will need help  moving my breakfast from the kitchen to living room.
4) bring or prepare lunch for me, soup &sandwich or salad. Half glass of milk.

I need a person to come here at 7 p.m. 
1) bring or prepare supper for me
2) move the ice machine from the living room to the bedroom

I will need for someone to come to help me tomorrow , Friday Eve, at 7 p.m? I appreciate all the love and support I have received and continue to receive.  Your help is Greatly Appreciated!
Many thanks.
Best & love,Sue
947 Logan, 3 blocks from the hospital

Newest Update

Journal entry by SUE HOOVER

Dear friends, 
I noted more progress yesterday & today.
At  physical therapy my range of motion for the bend in my new knee joint was 116 degrees, not bad because before surgery it was max 120!
Natalie advised me to walk with two sticks on uneven ground and around the house to use one in my left hand so I continue to make full strides, landing on the heel of each foot.
I feel well, my heartbeat continues to be regular.  I'm walking about 15 minutes out of every waking hour.
I enjoyed my second hour and a half at the swimming pool a couple miles away from home. Jefferson Trnasit's Dial-A-Ride transports me to my appointments at the hospital physical therapy department and also over to the public swimming pool.
I walked in the water up to my neck back and forth across the pool about 10 times. For the exercise I used both hands, arms, & shoulders to pull hard & make water flow past me as I stepped forward. I've lost about 8 lbs, mostly muscle mass from no exercise over the last month. Time to start building those back again.  The hot water of the shower was wonderful.

Thanks to each of you for your love & support. And to local friends who help me with transport, erran, & odds & ends here, & visits.

Cheers & love,
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