Honor Susan

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12 Tribute Donations

“In honor of Sue Halverson”

— Montevideo Class of 66

“In honor of Susan Halverson”

— Jo Jeska

“In honor of Susan Halverson”

— Delano F. Schrupp

“In honor of Susan Halverson - You are the best sister in the world.”

— Karen Ryan

— Les Anderson

“We don't get to pick our relatives, but we sure got lucky when we got you!! Luv you!!!! Cousin Cathy”

— Cathy Rich

“In honor of dear Sue and with thankfulness to God, the donor, Sue's family, doctors, staff and friends whose love and care gave her life.”

— Jeanie Klein

“I love everything about you.”

— Jon Halverson

“In honor of Susan Halverson...I hope we'll be seeing you refusing to leave another airport! Maybe in Arizona soon? Brad and Trish Cowle”

— Patricia J. Cowle

“In honor of Susan Halverson. Thank you for always making me laugh and for your support and friendship. Love, Sherry”

— Sharan Frovik