Honor Susan

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12 Tribute Donations

Gifted by Montevideo Class of 66

“In honor of Sue Halverson”

Gifted by Jo Jeska

“In honor of Susan Halverson”

Gifted by Delano F. Schrupp

“In honor of Susan Halverson”

Gifted by Karen Ryan

“In honor of Susan Halverson - You are the best sister in the world.”
Les Anderson

Gifted by Les Anderson

Cathy Rich

Gifted by Cathy Rich

“We don't get to pick our relatives, but we sure got lucky when we got you!! Luv you!!!! Cousin Cathy”

Gifted by Jeanie Klein

“In honor of dear Sue and with thankfulness to God, the donor, Sue's family, doctors, staff and friends whose love and care gave her life.”
Jon Halverson

Gifted by Jon Halverson

“I love everything about you.”

Gifted by Patricia J. Cowle

“In honor of Susan Halverson...I hope we'll be seeing you refusing to leave another airport! Maybe in Arizona soon? Brad and Trish Cowle”

Gifted by Sharan Frovik

“In honor of Susan Halverson. Thank you for always making me laugh and for your support and friendship. Love, Sherry”