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Jun 20-26

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Following a series of MD appointments early January I got the OK to travel to Florida. We left home on January 14th, spent one night in West Virginia . We enjoyed a wonderful weekend with our son Bernie and family. Great to spend time with the grandkids. On Monday we made our way to St. Augustine. I rode with  Audra  and Jack with Bernie. It was just super to have them help us to unload the van and and get settled.  They were with us til Wednesday.


Never did I realize how exhausted I’d be from the trip! Fortunately, I have plenty of time to rest up.  Swimming every day is my “go to exercise.” Before I get back to beach walking my balance and endurance need some work. That will come in time.  Already I can see some improvement!! Of course sunshine and ocean breezes also help! All in all I am doing quite well. Happily, I seldom use the walker or cane, but have both with me for those times I  need them.


My first COVID shot was last Friday and Jack gets his 1st on Sunday. We were online the four days they were offered at 6 a.m.patiently waiting for an opening which can took more than an hour. We were so fortunate to be able to schedule. 


Again, I thank each one of you for your prayers, love and support. That did more for my healing than you know!! If you would like to text or call my # is 585 857 4357.


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