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January 27, 2021



Following a series of MD appointments early January I got the OK to travel to Florida. We left home on January 14th, spent one night in West Virginia . We enjoyed a wonderful weekend with our son Bernie and family. Great to spend time with the grandkids. On Monday we made our way to St. Augustine. I rode with  Audra  and Jack with Bernie. It was just super to have them help us to unload the van and and get settled.  They were with us til Wednesday.


Never did I realize how exhausted I’d be from the trip! Fortunately, I have plenty of time to rest up.  Swimming every day is my “go to exercise.” Before I get back to beach walking my balance and endurance need some work. That will come in time.  Already I can see some improvement!! Of course sunshine and ocean breezes also help! All in all I am doing quite well. Happily, I seldom use the walker or cane, but have both with me for those times I  need them.


My first COVID shot was last Friday and Jack gets his 1st on Sunday. We were online the four days they were offered at 6 a.m.patiently waiting for an opening which can took more than an hour. We were so fortunate to be able to schedule. 


Again, I thank each one of you for your prayers, love and support. That did more for my healing than you know!! If you would like to text or call my # is 585 857 4357.


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December 22, 2020

TIME for an  UPDATE 


Several MD appointments and quite a bit of progress since Thanksgiving. 


Cardiologist reported my heart is in fine shape.

Good report from Orthopedic surgeon on hands and feet.

Finished with OT, but must continue with exercises for  strength and flexibility.

Walking better every week and only take the cane for stability when out and about - not that we go anywhere but to appointments or grocery store! 

Neurosurgeon sent me for X-rays an MRI, and a cortisone shot in my lower back last week. 
Praying that works miracles. Fat chance, but one can have hope !


Yearly physical last week, and I am in great health. Wish I could say great shape!!! Too much time to cook and enjoy these days!

Back behind the wheel once again. Building confidence! 


Another Orthopedic appt. on Jan.4
MRI (lower back) Jan. 5.
Neurosurgeon on Jan. 7.

Hope that does it. I do plan to continue PT in St. Augustine for strength, endurance and balance. 


We plan to leave Rochester’s snow and cold for sun and and ocean breezes on Jan. 14 and check in at Colony Reef on the 18th. It will be wonderful to be back in our “winter neighborhood”. 


Please keep us in your prayers through the holidays and our travels.


Merry Christmas 🎄 and Happy and Healthy New Year. 





So Much to Be Thankful For November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving is very different for most of us this year. We can look at it as insurance that we all will be able to gather together as we head back to normal next year! 

* I  am so very thankful to the good Lord that I am here to celebrate this Thanksgiving!

 * So grateful for our son Jim who kept all of you updated on my progress right from the get-go through Caring Bridge with positive and often entertaining posts  Two weeks ago he ventured back to Haiti to continue work on his Doctoral program through Cornell. We sure do miss him, but are so pleased that he was here with Jack before I came home and stayed until he saw that the two of us could manage pretty darn well in his absence. 

 * I have truly been blessed with  family coming from Honeoye Falls, Syracuse, PA, and NC to assist in care giving among a myriad of other things. 

 * Originally was given a go home date of close to Thanksgiving, We beat that by 2 1/2 months with Jack’s devoted care and being there to meet my every need - and they were many needs when I arrived home and was still non weight bearing on hands and feet  for several weeks.  No doubt being home with such awesome care I have progressed much more quickly.. 

   * The continuous support of friends and neighbors who helped in so many ways - tasty meals, delicious sweets, tending my flower gardens, the sending cheerful flowers, humorous as well as prayerful cards and thoughtful calls. All of which  perked me up when I need it most.

  * Of course I wouldn’t be where I am without the guidance and encouragement of my super OT Julie and PT. Laura.  Work continues for strength, movement, balance, and endurance.

Progress of Late

* I am now walking around the house cane and walker free most of the time. 

*Jack and I are now a team for meal prep and clean-up.

 * Sleeping in my own bed. Wonderful!! Gone is the hospital bed, wheel chair and commode.  YEA! 

 * MD follow-up appointments coming up for heart and back with the Drs. who  evaluated me in the hospital. 

 * My next big step will be to get back behind the wheel. I have the OK to try a test run in an empty parking lot before venturing out on the road.  Planning that or this coming weekend.

                                Hope your Thanks.giving is filled with peace, love, and great joy. 




I just take my time... November 8, 2020

around 28 October over coffee…

– Mom, did you use your wheel chair at all yesterday?
– No, just the walker, why?
– Just wondered. I see you using your walker, and sometimes the cane, but not the chair. So we can we send the chair back?
–Oh, not yet. It will be a quite a while before I can go to the store and do all that walking round and be on my feet for all the time that takes.

30 October 

With the PT:
– OK, this front step is a big one. Do you, instead, want to go down the ramp in the garage, and try the lower step on the walk? 
– No, I’ll do the this one.
– You sure?
– Yes.
– I can set the the walker down for you.
– Thanks, I’ve got it. (She steps down with no problem).
– Whoa, you made that look easy! Have you been practicing?
– Noooo. Not at all. 
– Ok, let’s keep going and try the other step…

On the phone later that afternoon…

– With the walker, today I walked out the front door, down to the road, back up, and then across the lawn and around to the back deck.
– Whoa, that sounds great!
– I’m doing well. Now I have to get endurance, and not overdo. That’s the hard part, not to overdo. Luckily, my feet don't hurt so much anymore, but if I overdo it, the back hurts like it did before.
– OK, Sounds like you’re back to square one, but considering what square you were on a short time ago, that's great!

Today, 8 November

– How was your day today?
– Eileen was here this weekend, and she brought a dear friend, so we did more visiting than other things. The weather was lovely so we could be outside. We had a great visit.
– That sounds good. And they took the stitches are out of your arm, too, right?
– Oh, yes, that was last Wednesday. So, one more thing I have to work on with my OT – strengthening my wrist.
– That's progress.
– Yes, I am making great progress. For the past few days I've been walking down the street each day a little more. Today I made it down and around the cul-de-sac, and then past our house, and five houses further.
– With just your cane?
– No, with the walker, but then later I walked across the street with just my cane to visit a neighbor.
– Sounds like you're doing great.
– I really am. Things are moving along. Believe it or not, last week I went down the cellar stairs with my PT.
– Whoa!!  Was it harder to go up or down?
– It was fine both ways. I just take my time...


More like myself. October 27, 2020

Sue on the phone earlier today...

– How are things progressing?
– Good, I'd say. Day by day I am walking better with the walker. The pain is less, and it's coming along. It's definitely not easy yet, but I am making progress there. In my arm I still have stitches where the plate came out last week. But that's not bad. They come out next week. Then I'm done with all that. Everything that has to come out is out. And the swelling in my feet is down, so that's good, too.
– That's great!
– Oh, today with the PT we did something new. She said that hadn't been her plan for today, but she could tell I was ready to give it a try. So, she had me walk around the house a little bit with a cane.
– Awesome!
– Maybe not quite awesome yet, but it went pretty well. My balance isn't good yet, so I need to have someone with me anytime I do that. But she said I could keep trying it as long as I'm super careful.
– Right. Be careful and don't overdo it. You don't need any setbacks.
– That's for sure. She said that next time we can try navigating the front steps. They are low, so hopefully I can do it. She's very pleased with how I'm doing.
–Sounds like you have a great PT person.
– That's for sure. She is wonderful. I'm pleased she doesn't want to release me yet. I don't like the idea of having to get into the car to drive to PT.
–Of course not.
– I'm gaining strength. Feeling more like myself.
– I bet Jack likes that, too.

– Jack chimes in: When Sue is doing better, we are all doing better.
– Oh, you bet. Are you cooking yet?

–Well, I do sous chef stuff. I make salads, and some food prep. Jack and I did muffins the other day. It's been a while since we did that. We got them done and we're eating them. So they were at least edible.

– I'm sure they were more than edible. I'm so happy that you're making good progress, and Jack has a little less burden. So it's easier for everyone.

– Thanks. It hasn't been easy, and I am impatient to do more. But I am pleased with the way that things are progressing. You know, for every hard thing that happened as a part of this all, many many good things happened. I'm so thankful for all the support of every kind from family and friends, near and far. No way I would have gotten through this without them...


October 23, 2020

Sue on the phone today...

– How are things going?

– Well, I had PT today, and we did something new. She had me walk outside. I went down the ramp in the garage, and then kept right on going, all the way down the driveway.

–With your walker?!?

– Yes, with my walker. I got to the bottom  there was one of my neighbors who was getting her mail. That's the first time we've seen each other since July.  She was pretty surprised. The first thing she said was our prayers are being answered. 

–  That's for sure!

– I tell you, that, and everyone's good wishes and support are definitely what's kept me going. So, then I walked and back up the driveway, and back into the house. There's a little bit of a slope and I did fine. Everybody says I'm progressing well. 

– That's great! And it doesn't hurt your feet too much?

– Oh, of course they hurt, but I think it's getting a little better.  They do still swell up a lot. They said that will take a long time to go down. And of course I get very tired, too. But I can  sit and rest up awhile, and try again when I'm ready.

– Well, you sure are making progress!

– I think I'm doing well, but, of course, I don't have much to compare it to.  Little by little I'm getting around better, so I have a lot more freedom. It was such a nice day here, I went out onto the deck, and worked out there.

– With your walker?

– Oh, no, I'm nowhere near ready for that yet. In my wheelchair. It was lovely. I think it hit 80 here. So it was a good day to be outside clean up, and put some of the flowers on the deck to bed for the winter...


Slow and steady. October 21, 2020

Suzanne on the phone earlier today...
– Well, how did it go today?
– Fine. I got there at 7 this morning. It was super nice not to have to wait for the medical transport van. Jack just took me, so it was simple. When we got there they took me in almost right away, but then I ended up just waiting a couple of hours for things to start. And you know how patient I am – or am not.
– Oh, yes. Why the delay?
So, I finally asked somebody, and they said that a scrub nurse for another operation was not feeling well, so they had to scramble to replace her, and apparently that caused a back up for everybody.
– And how did your surgery go?
– It went well. As part of the prep, I talked to the anesthesiologist. He was a gas.
– Ha ha. Good one. And the surgeon was a stitch?
– Yes. Ha ha. I mean we had a funny conversation. He told me all about nerve blocks and, anyway it was just funny conversation. So, apparently the actual removal procedure was only about 15 minutes – to pull out the plate and stitch me up, but there's all the prep, and the anesthesia, and a couple hours of recovery and discharge, which all took until around 2. It was a long day, that's for sure. I was tired coming out, but no nausea or anything, so that' s good. All I know now is that I have an ace bandage wrapped around a dressing from my hand up to my elbow.
– OK. How long will you have that?
– That comes off on Saturday, and then I can even shower. The stitches can get wet.
– Oh, the shower will feel good.
– That always feels good. In two weeks I have a follow-up appointment. They gave me good meds, so I'm not having much pain at this point.
– How's the walking coming along?
– Getting stronger day by day. Slow and steady – although I sure don't expect to win any races anytime soon. Between the walker and the wheelchair, I can actually get around the house and the kitchen reasonably well. At this rate, there's no reason not to go to Florida in January. Thinking back, I remember when I asked the surgeon two months ago if I'd still be able to do all the things I used to. He said "Yes. But you'll do them differently." Well, he was right about that.


Wegmans. October 15, 2020

–Do you feel like you are making progress?

–Yes. Wednesday with the PT we ran through getting into the van and the car, and it's not so bad. So, yesterday I got in the van with Jack and went and got my flu shot at Wegmans. And even did a little shopping. Just a handful of items. But it's nice to get out and about a bit.

–That's great! You weren't walking in with the walker, were you?

–Oh no, I used the wheelchair. At this point, I'm lucky that I can walk as far as the bathroom. So for now, shopping is with the wheelchair. That works.

–What about the electric carts they have? You're not game for one of those are you

–Uh, no, Not really.

–It's got to be so good to be able to just get in the car and go.

–Oh, it sure is. And luckily, it's not that difficult at all. As long as I can stand and pivot and get my rear up against the seat, I'm OK.

–And you get the plate out of your arm next Wednesday?

–Yes, so Covid test tomorrow, somewhere down on Monroe Ave.

–How is your pain?

–In general, low, and very manageable. Standing is OK, but of course when I walk, it hurts quite a bit still. My ankles are still swollen, and that doesn't seem to help much...

–Well, that's natural. They are going to hurt for a while.

–Yes. Just something we need to work through...