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83 Tribute Donations

Bindi Patel

Gifted by Bindi Patel

“In honor of Stuart MacNaughton. Much strength to your family!”

Gifted by Katherine Bachmann

“In honor of Stuart MacNaughton- What a lovely and strong little boy you are!”

Gifted by Mr. Greg Weiss

“In honor of Stuart MacNaughton”

Gifted by Salvatore T. Lentini

Gifted by Ryan Knapp

“Very proud to be a part of this. Go get'em Stuart!”

Gifted by Emelia S. Stephenson

“In honor of Stuart MacNaughton Emelia, Jim & Sally Stephenson”

Gifted by James M. Jerabek

“In honor of Stuart MacNaughton”

Gifted by R. J. Redican

“In honor of Stuart MacNaughton”

Gifted by Mr. Allen Oppici

“In honor of Stuart MacNaughton - Continue to battle Stuart... This will be an amazing story to tell one day”

Gifted by Mr. Phillip DeSantis

“In honor of Stuart MacNaughton”