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Site created on October 21, 2018

What we thought was just a case of the flu turned out to change our lives. After getting blood work done because of a high fever that Shannon couldn’t shake, we were asked to go to the ER as the test results were concerning.  A few hours after the ER visit Shannon was diagnosed with acute leukemia, started chemotherapy pills, was getting a bone marrow biopsy, and being transferred to the Kaiser Permanente Roseville oncology unit.  

With all of the out-pouring of support and positive energy, we wanted to create a place to keep all of our  family and friends updated.  We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Let’s keep Shannon Still Strong throughout this fight.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Jennifer Still

So it’s been a while since we last spoke...We've definately had our ups and downs the last few months.  Currently we are staying in a hotel in Davis as our condo needed to be remediated for mold caused by a leak in the wall. Yes, when it rains it pours! Just what we needed with Shannon still having a compromised immune system and of course the week the kids didn't have camp. They still can't figure out where the leak came from, but the condo is safe now. Floors and dry wall need to be replaced next week and everything is still discombobulated, but at least it is getting addressed and our place will be free and clear of any fungal spores. Unfortunately, Shannon caught a virus, parainfluenza, about a week ago as well so it hasn't been very comfortable for him to be uprooted. Other than the immediate events things have been quite uneventful. I think we don’t know what to do with ourselves now that this is mostly behind us. Such a life altering event and now we’re kinda back to day to day life trying to make or way in this new normal the best we can.

We had the thought that all the side effects from Chemo and the BMT would start improving a lot faster than it has. There have been some set backs. The neuropathy in Shannon’s feet has not improved. After seeing a neurologist and physical therapist it was determined that the two main nerves in both of Shannon’s feet are dead with little chance of repairing themselves. Weakened muscles and the lack of nerves have made it difficult for Shannon to walk any long distances without fatiguing. He will continue to go to physical therapy and be fitted for braces. All we can do is keep moving forward, stay positive and give Shannon the support he needs.

Trying to get back into some kind of routine has been a bit difficult, but we are making due and trying to enjoy summer as much as we can. Most weeks the kids have been attending summer camps, but we have been able to fit in a few family outings. We went off roading and camping in the eastern Sierras for a weekend and attended a wonderful Paul Mcartney concert. Shannon took a solo road trip to San Diego a few weeks ago to visit friends and had the opportunity to attended Comic Con for a day thanks to our friend Scott. The kids and I were jealous! The kids are enjoying an impromptu weekend in Santa Cruz and having a blast. Much better than all of us being cramped into a hotel room in Davis. Thank you Killi and Monica! We will be attending a Weird Al Yankovic concert Friday night with the kids. Hoping we can fit in another camping trip before school starts as well. 

Charlie and Helena will attend Camp Kesem in August for a week. Their first sleep away camp! Kesem is a national non profit organization that provides summer camps for kids whose parents have been affected by cancer. The camps are run by college students throughout the United States at several universities. They are attending the Berkeley chapter in Nevada City. It will be such a great experience for them right before school starts up again.

Thank you all! We would love to hear from you! Please continue to keep us all in your thoughts and prayers! 
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