Monica Eskridge|Jun 9, 2020
I love this update, Ellen, especially the part of her sounding like Franci! I think about all of you so often and am really pulling for you. Love, Monica
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Paul Mark Sandler|May 29, 2020
Thinking of you all the time Steve.
Wonderful to hear from your family that you are working hard to heal, and making so much progress
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Hasha Baker|May 27, 2020
It is so heartening to hear that Steve is making such great strides. We are sending virtual hugs to you all. Be strong, stay positive and try to exist in the moment as much as possible, it helps. With love, Bryan and Hasha X
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Suja Thomas|May 26, 2020
I am so sorry to hear about what has happened to Steve but am happy to hear about his great progress! Suja Thomas
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Carol Norfleet|May 26, 2020
Sending hugest hugs and love to you both. My sister had a similar injury and she had an amazing recovery-praying Steve will too!
Thinking of you all - XXOOOO Carol and Philip Norfleet
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Barbara Samuels|May 24, 2020
You are all in my thoughts. Your report sounds very encouraging. Steve is making real progress in a relatively short time. Wonderful! Very hopeful! Sending hugs.
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Rachel Black|May 23, 2020
We love these updates! Very encouraging. All our love to you.
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vaughan stewart|May 23, 2020
Being a lawyer who has had occasion to represent several catastrophically brain-damaged clients, I've had some experience with these terrible situations. In all sincerity, from the messages you good folks have sent lately, I have to say my law school classmate is making amazing progress. I've kept up with the musical therapy for many years and know it can work miracles. It seems to be doing just that in Steve's case.

Blessings to Steve and all the family.

Vaughan O. Stewart
Retired Lawyer
Lake Jackson, Texas
U.T. Law School Class of 1965
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Victoria Trevino|May 23, 2020
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D.J. Kassanoff|May 22, 2020
Yes! Keep the good news coming!
Much love,
The Kassanoffs
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