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“In honor of Steve Strauss. The Lord be with you as you travel to Ethiopia and grieve with them. Be blessed over Thanksgiving with your family. Experience thankfulness that you and Steve had joy and service together for as long as you did.”

— Peggy Rosenlund

“In honor of Steve Strauss For sharing his journey with us all.”

— Pat Brandon

“In honor of Steve Strauss: May God's strength,love and caring surround you Steve and Marcia.”

— Mike and Penny Pococok

“Praying for Steve and Marcia Strauss, their family, and Steve's brothers and mother.”

— Anonymous

— Anonymous

“In honor of Steve Strauss My love and prayers are with you both.”

— Mary Sage

“In honor of Steve Strauss”

— Marcia Strauss

— Beth Klabunde

“In honor of Steve Strauss, our prayers are continually with you!!”

— Barry and Kris Krick

“In honor of Steve Strauss. Dear Steve and Marcia, Our prayers are continually with you and we love you lots and lots!”

— Biruk Mitiku