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July 31, 2020

Friends and family,
A celebration of life service has been set for my sweet Steven on Sunday August 9 at 7:30. The service will be held outside and will follow social distancing guidelines to ensure safety. You must RSVP and read the details regarding the service below.


If you feel more comfortable attending online, a live streaming service will also be held. Details to follow. 

Thank you for wanting to honor Steven’s amazing life that he lived. 

Show your love and support for Steven.

Make a donation to CaringBridge to keep Steven’s site up and running.


July 13, 2020

Friends and family,

My sweet Steven went home yesterday on July 12 at 2:25pm surrounded by family. Please pray for us as we learn to heal without him. 

With love,


July 1, 2020

Olivia here:
After spending a week at the hospice house, we are finally home and settled! We are thankful for all of the help and support Steven got while there, but we are glad to be back under one roof.

Please pray for Steven’s comfort and peace as we enjoy every moment together as a family. 

Thank you for you love and prayers! 



June 25, 2020

Olivia here-
Wanted to update everyone on how Steven is doing this week. This past Tuesday, Steven had complications in managing his nausea and pain at home and was advised to go stay at the hospice house for more assistance and better symptom management. He is receiving great care from the nurses and the doctor. We are figuring out a new pain management system for Steven which includes a pain pump for continual access. He will also get another paracentesis tomorrow to take fluid off his stomach and will also get a pleurx catheter that allows us to drain fluid frequently instead of going to the hospital. This will ensure more comfort at home for Steven. We expect him to be here for another couple of days to get used to a new normal and rest. 


Although he is stable, he is very tired, weak and very confused at times. I have been taking night shifts and helping him learn his new medicine regimen. His parents and my mom are able to visit him throughout the day (only 4 visitors max, 2 at a time). This is helping us take shifts and rest in the meantime. Although this is very hard for Steven to be confined to his room and uncomfortable hospital bed, I am thankful that we have this option of care for hospice. It has taken some of the responsibility off me as the caregiver and allowed me to be with him as a wife and companion. 


Please continue to pray for clarity of what Steven needs as he goes forward in this journey. Please pray for our strength and endurance as we continue to take care of him and each other during this difficult stage of life. And most importantly please pray that God will give Steven peace and comfort for the days ahead. Thank you for your love and support. 


June 6, 2020

Olivia here-
Steven has been on hospice for almost 6 weeks now. These past few weeks have been filled with appointments and visiting and other days of rest. Family has been in and out helping and have been close by. Steven’s overall health is slowly declining and we continue to monitor his pain and comfortability. Some days he is up and wanting to do some things around the house or yard. A lot of times he is dozing in his chair or hospital bed. One thing is for sure, this man still wants to be outside and enjoy nature no matter how tired he is. 


Steven’s abdomen has gotten more bloated and uncomfortable and we discussed with hospice about potentially draining the fluid if possible to get some relief. He was able to successfully get fluid off his stomach on Monday- 2 GALLONS OF FLUID! Needless to say he is feeling relief and has been recovering this week. Although this was a relief, taking fluid off only relieves the tension in his stomach temporarily. There is a possibility he will need more fluid drained in the future due to the cancer progression. He is now on oxygen pretty much all day now and is needing his walker for stability. His appetite is low and is not eating or drinking much. He continues to show signs of confusion and is having a hard time orienting himself and understanding some conversations. All of these signs of decline have been extremely difficult to watch and experience with him. He is mourning his independence and freedom and that makes it really hard to process. Please pray for his health and overall comfort as we continue into month 2 of hospice. 


As a wife and caregiver, it has been devastating watching my best friend decline and slowly lose himself. I am learning to embrace the mess of grief to fully experience the journey with him. There are no words to truly describe this experience, just deep sadness and clinging on to each moment. Even though this is challenging, we are so thankful for the community of people who have helped pour their lives into ours so that we will be taken care of physically and emotionally. We cannot do this alone. Please continue to pray for our situation. We love you all. 


Some highs this week- having communion and picking blackberries with the Mangrum’s, spending time with the Weavers, riding in our friend Terry’s bike, and enjoying Will’s vivacious personality. 


May 18, 2020

Olivia here
Steven has been on home hospice for 3 weeks now and it has honestly been filled with exhaustion, challenges, great family and friend time, and sadness all wrapped into one. I am grateful that he is able to rest in the comfort of our home and not in a hospital room. Our families have been in Athens back and forth and are carrying the load as we learn how to navigate this unknown territory of hospice. Overall Steven is doing okay- his pain is being managed more along with other symptoms but still continues to be exhausted, weak, and not feeling well since due to the cancer progressing. We are taking it one hour at a time, learning to appreciate the little things as well as grieving the disappointments that arise in daily life. Steven and I are currently at a hotel in Athens celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary early (actual date is May 24th). We are thankful for alone time, rest, and conversations full of "I love you's" and "I'm sorry this is happening".

Despite the intensity of the situation, we are so full of gratitude for every single person who has helped us, donated to us, watched Will, brought us groceries, cleaned our cars and home, and everything in between. Steven and I are feeling the love of God through our community and families. Last weekend we were able to go Cordele, GA where Steven grew up. His last wish was to go down to his childhood home and ride the 4 wheeler with Will. He has many great memories of riding the 4 wheeler in the spring and picking wild fruit on his ride. With the help of many including our driver, Justin Roepe, we were able to take an RV down to Cordele and have Steven more comfortable on the trip. The weather was beautiful the entire weekend. We played outside most of the time and enjoyed the sunshine. Steven was able to shoot some with his dad as well as ride the 4 wheeler and tractor with Will. Will loved running around with our dog Laney and they loved the country life! We had a great time with Steven's parents as we talked about memories and made new ones. We are so thankful we were able to make that trip and give Steven the closure of being at his childhood home once more. 

After our trip, I planned a surprise car parade for Steven in our neighborhood. We ended up having around 40 friends and family come out to celebrate and support Steven and it was emotional to say the least. We felt so loved by everyone who came. It was an amazing memory I will never forget, and I know it brought us both to tears. What a special way to celebrate him during this time of Covid and quarantine. 

Please pray for Steven and our families as we continue to live each day to its fullest. Thank you for all of your love.


April 28, 2020

Olivia here: 

Friends and family, 

As some of you already know, Steven was hospitalized 3 times in the last 2 weeks due to various reasons (pulled muscles, dehydration, and pneumonia). Last Thursday night he was admitted due to blood clots found and was able to come home this past Sunday. Unfortunately we received some devastating news regarding Steven’s overall health and how the blood clots are affecting his body. 


To use the doctors words, it's 'a catastrophic situation'. The clots have already shut off blood supply to his spleen, and it has died. The reason for this, is that the veins that drain the spleen and other major organs (liver, intestines,  etc) are so clogged with clots that it’s causing a major slowdown and backup. Essentially, this is creating arterial clots and shutting down his organs (or will). It hasn't majorly affected any other organ yet but they expect it to.


They've put Steven on blood thinners to help with blood flow and maybe dissolve any clots it can. However, they've clearly stated there is no procedure or drug that will really reverse or improve the situation. It will only hope to stabilize it temporarily. Considering that cancer patients are much more likely to develop clots, they don't see it really helping much at all, except for some pain relief and extending some time.


As far as cancer treatments, chemotherapy would be off the table going forward as it would be just too toxic for him in the current situation. We don't know for sure if immunotherapy is working; however, considering how quickly this came on in just four weeks, his oncologist feels he only has weeks left, not months...Unfortunately, Steven feels like he agrees with her.


So, in light of this, we've chosen to discontinue any cancer treatments and call in hospice. We feel it is time to focus on quality of life, comfort and being with family. Definitely not where we hoped to be or the news we wanted. We don't understand and we are devastated. We do know that God is good. He's taken care of us so far, and He will continue to do so going forward. 


Thank you all for your love, support, generosity, and encouragement. It has meant the world to Steven and I during this season. My husband has fought with such courage and strength. For now we will enjoy spending time with family and visiting friends, making memories with Will, and clinging to each other. Please pray for the Weavers and Mangrums, for overflowing peace, and clarity as we navigate this difficult time. 


Please post a tribute to or about Steven if you feel led to. 


April 20, 2020

Olivia here- well as if last week didn’t have enough events, we added some more.... last night I brought Steven to the ER due to a 102 fever. He was thankfully negative for COVID19 and flu (thank you God!), but does have pneumonia in his left lung. They sent him home with antibiotics to decrease exposure at the hospital and in hopes he would get better rest at home. Please continue to pray for good recovery and overall healing.