Thoughts & Well Wishes

AJ Iiames | May 1, 2020
What a season of life this is.  You both have been so strong through this whole situation.  I can't even begin to describe the impact you had on my wife before she passed in January.  You guys gave despite being in similar circumstances.  I will continue to pray for this time, knowing that it is unbelievably difficult.  Steven, I appreciate the synopsis you gave to my wife over Marco Polo and leading us through what cancer treatment was going to be like.  You both have amazing hearts and willing to give.  We don't know why God does what he does, but trust that it refines us and makes us new.  Emily and I love you both.
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Janice Youmans | Apr 29, 2020
Steven and Olivia,

John 16:20-22 is proof that Jesus sees suffering in a completely different light than the world does. Suffering reminds us, perhaps more than anything else that God's ways are not ours. Faith and hope lead me to the conclusion that suffering has value. I do not fully understand the value that suffering has. It is a mystery--one that shouldn't be scoffed at but rather should be approached with reverence and awe. I believe that in the next life we will discover that suffering in this life was, in fact, a great that you, Steven and Olivia have experienced and endured so well. We love and honor your family so much!
Helen Jensen | Mar 26, 2020
Good morning Steven and Olivia,  Hardly a day goes by without thoughts of your little family and prayers lifted.  People may wonder how sorrow coexists with rejoicing, how we still possess everything even when we lose much. Your faith makes many rich (2 Corinthians 6:10).  We all love you so much.