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Jun 20-26

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This is most likely the last entry on Caring Bridge.  Those of you following Steve’s cancer journey have been there in prayer and encouragement and it was deeply appreciated.  Yesterday was his memorial service.  It was beautiful and can be viewed on the Santa Rosa Christian Church YouTube channel.  I am so very proud of my sister, Maggie,  and my nieces and nephews as each spoke of a husband and father that left a legacy of unwavering commitment to Christ and to their family. Maggie feels the weight of guiding her children and grandchildren as Steve would, and she is proving to be very much up to the task.  This behind-the-scenes woman has amazed me with her grace, authenticity and strength.

2020 made Steve a physically ill man, but 2021 made him a new creation.  All earthly things passed away and we continue to grieve the tremendous loss in our lives.  Steve was robbed of his vitality but not his vision for his family, his friends, his church, his mission.  Cancer made his body frail, but his faith was  strong and true with every breath.  At the memorial, as friends shared story after story of Steve’s generosity, wisdom, devotion and love, we were reminded anew of the great privilege it was to know him and be known by him.  

The world is a different place without him, but not a lesser place.  Too much has been poured into us by Steve to let the chasm of his death remain open.  He has passed the torch of faith to hundreds, thousands!  We are changed by Christ, and we know Christ better because if this servant, this man of God, this pastor of pastors. He will forever be the kindest man I have ever known. I love him deeply.

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