Thoughts & Well Wishes

Lisa Parker | Jan 14, 2021
Hello Steve! As you journey through all of this physical trauma and torture, please remember that your family needs you and are more than worth fighting for!!! I work with Maggie and adore her for her strength, courage and commitment! May you stay strong and move on towards the next step in this grueling process. You are so loved! ❤️❤️❤️
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Ginger Fife | Jan 4, 2021
Dear Pastor Steve,

It was so God as He directed me to SRCC that late afternoon while people were setting up for the Harvest Party.  I remember walking thru the court yard praying, asking God to direct me to the right person to pray for me.  As I looked around all of a sudden there stood a man standing before me.  “Can I help you?” he said.  I replied, ‘I need prayer’.  Then the man directed me off to the side where I sat at a table as he went and got a woman that together they may both pray for me.  As the man prayed I remember how God would speak through him words that would bring peace and encouragement that would make me feel God was still there in the situation I was battling with.  That I was not forsaken.  After years of betrayal from my family, alone and feeling abandoned God used this man, his words comforted and encouraged me.  I have been attending SRCC ever since.  And you know the man who prayed for me because it was you Pastor Steve.

I was still battling what was to be a 6 year intense battle with cancer while dealing with two hostile brothers who were taking advantage of me and our mother (who was failing in her old age.)   Neither my mom or myself able to protect ourselves from the very ones who should have been there for us.  Mind you, we grew up with two wonderful parents with a beautiful heritage, yet, with my dad gone some 35 yrs. and my mom now in her elder years I watched and saw the enemy tempt my brothers with all kinds of greed and other fleshly desires.  During those years they crushed mine and my mom’s spirit, but praise be to my Savior who led me to the courtyard of SRCC.  Here, I was accepted and able to slowly heal while making new friends.

You have always been my favorite pastor at the pulpit.  As years passed I would begin to like the teachings of the other leaders, but you were always my favorite teacher/pastor.  I always received so much from God personally in your messages.  I miss your teaching.  And like my beloved mother, you too, can not be replaced.  
Thank you for being such an example of a righteous, humble, Godly man.  I miss you behind the pulpit.

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Steve Sherry | Oct 15, 2020
Steve, great news about the spread is stopped.  Believe i am grateful too for that with me. I am so happy about Stanford admitting you. Praise God....I am praying for you and have a small dose of what you may be feeling with my plight. I am earnestly in prayer for you. 
Herb Beem | Aug 17, 2020
    Steve, I'm so glad you're feeling better. I'm praying for your complete healing. I feel like we're brothers in arms. I'm not sure you know I'm going through cancer myself and am grateful that our father is healing me. Love you Steve.
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