Mona Williams|Nov 18, 2019
You are truly an inspiration! Keep your positive attitude, and you will persevere. Our thoughts & prayers are with you.
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Ruth Sivilotti|Nov 18, 2019
Checking in to say that we are thinking of you in MP3, missing one of our Steven's!
I hope that the time since the discharge has been filled with lots of rest and healing and TLC.
Hugs and healing thoughts coming your way!
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Pete Bratsch|Nov 15, 2019
Because it's been my experience that comments here (in the journal) are seen by many but the "Well Wishes" (see above) often remain undiscovered, I want to highlight for everyone the absolutely wonderful note that Steve's longtime friend (and beloved legend to many of us) Andrew Jensen posted in that section. Andrew, I hope you see this: thank you so much from *me,* let alone Steve and Kim et al, for the caring and craft and flat-out love that you put into your words. I'm so glad you're still out there in Steve's orbit; I am standing in wonder now, looking up at the stardust trail you blazed across this sky.
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Rob Sauer|Nov 15, 2019 (edited)
Steve, I want to know what you did with that pepper! Big challenges heartily met with style and a smile.
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Chuck Nelson|Nov 14, 2019
I heard there was a jam up in the jellies!
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ruthe stein|Nov 14, 2019 (edited)

Love YOU
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Jack Waugh|Nov 14, 2019
Best wishes.
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Frank Foreman|Nov 14, 2019
Steven, It takes a long time to recover from surgery, as you are discovering. Four months after my first knee replacement and two months after my second, I still am not fully functioning. My knees are doing just fine, however I must nap and rest lots more than I would like. I know you will follow all instructions as I did with my PT. Keep it up and enjoy sleeping the night through. We miss you at beer and chant.
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Sandra Hibbard|Nov 14, 2019
“Keep going” is taking on a whole new meaning. Glad you are continuing to heal and get to go home soon to keep it going!
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Lori Brown|Nov 14, 2019
Steven, love your sense of humor. Get some sleep once they spring you, I'm sure that will help a ton. GoTeamSteven!
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