Journal entry by Kim Lund

Sorry for the reporting lag! Rehab has been another whirlwind of activity...still having meds and vitals and blood draws and lots of personnel in the room...and then several hours of PT + OT + speech therapy + swallowing therapy each day. He’s finding the therapists excellent and is learning a ton about his capacities and limitations. 

Turns out that it’s very common post-surgery to have issues with short term memory and cognitive capabilities, and that they are temporary. He was frightened by those changes at first (understandably so) but has finally been comforted by enough medical professionals that he is starting to relax into the limitations and accept more help from us re tracking tasks and problem-solving and communication. 

He has now passed enough functional tests to be discharged. Tomorrow. We are THRILLED. It has been two weeks camping out and I’m hoping we’ll finally be able to get him enough sleep without all of the night time interruptions. He’s exhausted and so strained, but recovering steadily. He still thinks he needs to solve issues taking place outside of the hospital and take care of others’ needs, even while trying to manage his own physical and emotional trauma. Anyone who believes that Steve deserves to rest and recover can weigh in now.  :)


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