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Bevan Yueh | Jun 8, 2020
Hi Steve!  I don't know if you'll remember, but we went to Armstrong together.  I just heard from Chuck Nelson that you've been ill.  I'm so sorry to hear this, and if there is anything I can do (I'm in the medical school at U of Minn), please let me know.  Sounds like you have a great team in the Bay Area already.  Best wishes--

Bevan Yueh
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Irene Trapp | Mar 31, 2020
Steven, how are you holding up with the shelter in place?  Are you still able to get to your appointments?  We can't even leave our hoes now - we are part of the OLD community, plus we have Greg's 92 year old Mom with us and she is having health issues right now.  Still holding on to hope for this to end soon, but even more so for you to get beyond the cancer.  Praying for you!

AmyLynn Harrington Smoot | Mar 9, 2020
Hey Cousie Poo.  Know that lots of prayers are coming your way.  I just had a tumor removed from my spinal column, affecting my spinal chord, and I am still recovering.  While no way close to what you are enduring, I want you to know that I have an understanding of your status.

You are loved to the core of your being.  We will continue to pray and will check on you through Caring Bridge.  HUGE VIRTUAL HUG!

jerry jackson | Nov 26, 2019
Steve - A friend of mine was diagnosed with multiple myeloma about 10 years ago.  He went through the harvesting of stem cells; chemo blast; re-implant of the stem calls back into his system at the Mayo hospital.  It's been 10 years & he has been in remission ever since!!!  They only re-implant about half of the stem cells they harvest in case of a re-occurrence; but he's been doing great since the procedure!!!  You will be in good hands at Mayo.


Jerry J. 
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Andrew Jensen | Nov 15, 2019




Carrie Classon informed me of you your current medical woes, as I am unplugged from all this fancy social media stuff.  I am the hermit in the cave, as far as the internet is concerned, and fairly content with this situation, but oddly it does leave me uninformed about the lives of various people that have intersected my life and I throw a stray thought in their direction on occasion.  This might be a long and winding road, but I will get to the point eventually.


First I was shocked when I went to your caringbridge page, not because of your serious medical issues, but because your hair was white.  I know this sounds totally weird but it is hard when reality shatters the memories that have frozen people in the past.  I see you as a young callow youth with pure black hair dressed in that snazzy neon blue and black checked suit.  The white hair boldly proclaims that you are no longer young and that it has been many years since we have seen each other.   Both are regrettable.  One was unavoidable but the other could have been rectified, namely that we could have gone off looking for the fountain of youth and not aged.  Ha, just kidding.


This leads to the second point that our society seems to think that aging is something that can be avoided, but when aging is done well is life’s greatest gift.  Your collection of heartfelt comments from your friends and loved ones that have rushed across the country to come to your aid either in a physical presence or simply offering prayers or words of encouragement attests to how well you have aged.   I think you have indelibly left your mark on those around you.  I know I will never forget that suit.  There is no better measure of a life than the love we give and the love that is returned to us.  So you measure up, my friend.  Have no fear.


Third, in reading your journal, I was simply agog at your courage and calm.  I am sure there were dark moments and emotional outbursts, but your pausing in the midst of all your medical travails and misery to outline a course of treatment to mitigate suffering in others by outlining more clearly defined end-of-life directives, is simply amazing.  And if you can make a joke with all your complex and vexing medical issues that, what with the surgery and its complications, you had forgotten that you had cancer, then you should handle your future, no matter what it holds, with dignity and humor.  Quietly amazing my friend.


Fourth, you were regretting your inconstancy in your friendships, but no one ever gets that completely right.  We always regret what we didn’t do with our relationships no matter how strong and true those relationships are.  This only means that you are a thoughtful, considerate person.  Those of shallow and banal souls are unconcerned about how they have treated those they love.  By the way, you can’t hold a candle to be me in the inconstancy of my friendships, as I didn’t even know that your hair had turned white, but still thought about reaching out to you to renew our friendship.  That is inconstant.  I gladly sacrifice my self-esteem to lift a weight from your soul.  See I can be noble as well; maybe not as noble as you, but still not bad.


Lastly, I want to recount one of the oddest things someone told me, which came from you, “I have taken up accounting as a hobby.”  That is weird.  In high school, you dropped another oddity on me, when you pronounced “macabre” rhyming it with “cabaret.”   There is more that could be said, but this is already quite long.  Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but I had to send it to you, and I am not up on all that fancy internet stuff.  I wish you all the best and hope that you make a miraculous recovery.


Andrew Jensen, your high school friend from way back


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Gail Ford | Nov 12, 2019
Steven,  I so appreciate hearing how you're doing and receiving pictures and everything!!!  Wow!!  Know I'm standing with you also as you meet your health challenges and salute your courage and resolve.  You're doing great!!!  It is also so wonderful that Beth's Yonside house sold - she's so relieved, as you can imagine.  Today, it's snowing!! so we're having a "white" dip in temperature/climate and it's lovely.  Love you,m'man!!  Gail
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Jade Loftus | Oct 20, 2019
Wow, this was such shocking news! It sounds like there is a really solid plan so I will keep my thoughts and energy focused on things going the best way they can and that you’ll be contemplating that 1/2 marathon soon. Ifyou need anything let me know.
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