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Aug 02-08

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Hello everyone. I haven't been posting much lately, but I thought I'd update you.  I'm doing well. My walking has improved the most. I'm walking with a straight cane most of the time. In PT I've been practicing walking without my brace, and I've even practiced walking without a cane!  My arm is progressing more slowly. While my hand is nimble, the sensation is still diminished.  And my left arm is stronger, but it's not moving quite right.  It's left me with a knot below my shoulder blade that causes my ribs to ache.  But I have a month and a half to get it right!  Sorry it's such a short update, but my flair for verbosity in these things has waned (which is why I haven't written an update in so long!). Don't know when I'll update again, but if you want to know how I'm doing, just text me.

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