Robin Shelton|Dec 7, 2018
Hi Steve!
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Ginger Williams|Nov 20, 2018
I love reading your updates! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family : ) : ) : )
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Ted Shifrin|Nov 18, 2018
Sounds great! In a few years, you'll have to come back to a Ted Thanksgiving!!
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Karen Baker|Nov 18, 2018
All positive progress! Impressive. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
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João Plascak|Nov 18, 2018
Good News Steve! Happy Thanksgiving... Mariceu wishes the same and send her regards to you.
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Craig Wiegert|Nov 18, 2018
Sounds like your dexterity and balance are really improving dramatically! Hooray for increased independence!
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Karen Sue Moroney|Nov 18, 2018
Way to go Steve! Sounds like you're making great progress. What fun to have a field trip. I suspect the therapists might have been doing a little Black Friday scouting with you! lol. Have a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy having people wait on you while you can. :)
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Jean Martin-Williams|Nov 18, 2018
Rockin’ the rehab!
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Kristen Smith|Nov 18, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving, Steve! So glad to hear about your progress and your good times with family and friends.
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Lisa Earley|Nov 18, 2018
What a great update. Your steady and aggressive recovery is one of the things I am most thankful for this year, Steve. Happy Thanksgiving!
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