Journal entry by Steven Lewis

I finished my second week of day rehab on Thursday, and my primary PT and OT redid the assessments they first did on my very first day.  I'm happy to report I improved on all of them, in most cases by quite a bit.  First PT numbers: On the 6-minute walking test (with a cane), I walked a total of 377 feet, compared to 285 feet my first day—an improvement of 32%. On the 10-m test, my speed went from 0.30 m/s on my first day to 0.35 m/s, an improvement of 17%.  On the balance test, which is out of a total of 56 points, my score went from 35 on the first day to 42 on Thursday.  They consider a score of ~46 or higher to be "low risk of falling",  so I'm getting close!  The OT numbers were also good: On the grip strength test (for my left hand), I went from 28 lbs. on my first day to 35 lbs. on Thursday, for a 25% improvement.  My biggest gain was on the so-called 9-peg test. It consists of 9 small plastic pegs (about 1" long by about 1/8" diameter) in a shallow dish next to a 3x3 peg board of holes. I need to put the pegs in the holes, one by one until all pegs are used and then remove them back to the dish, as quickly as I can using just my weak (left) hand. On my first day, it took me a little over 3 minutes.  On Thursday, it took me only 52 seconds!  The OTs were astonished at the level of improvement in the fine motor control of my left hand in only 2 weeks.  Thursday rehab was good in other ways too that I won't bore you with, but needless to say, I finished up the second week very pleased with how I'm coming along at day rehab!
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