Journal entry by Steven Lewis

Tomorrow begins my second week of outpatient rehab. I've been out of the hospital and living with my brother's family for a little over a week now.  So far I've been very pleased with outpatient rehab, even though it leaves me exhausted after 6 1/2 hours every day, Monday thru Thursday.  While the rehab facility itself is a bit small and ramshackle (they're probably going to get major renovation or a new facility in the next few years), I like it. The PTs and OTs I've been working with have been terrific.  I feel like my walking gait, my balance, and my left arm/hand nimbleness have all improved — which is the goal, after all.  On Wednesday, they had some Halloween-themed activities, which made for a fun, homey feel.  By Thursday afternoon, I was soooo ready to be done for the week!  This weekend has been nice and fairly relaxing. I've had two outings:  Yesterday my brother took me for a much needed haircut, and then we picked up my nephew and went out for lunch. Today my dear friend Jodi (who lives very near here) picked me up and took me out to a yummy Sunday breakfast. So nice to go out with a friend. Almost felt like normal.  

I predict that within a couple weeks, I'll be cleared to walk around the house without assistance (other than a cane).  I've already done it for short distances a few times, even though technically I'm not supposed to.  Once I'm cleared, il feel a lot more independent!  Well that's it for now. As ever, thanks for reading!
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