João Plascak|Nov 3, 2018
Good hearing from your progress. Go on Steve...
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Ginger Williams|Oct 30, 2018
Glad you've transitioned to your brother's house. One step closer in the process of getting back to Athens! Wishing you well, praying for you each step of the way : )
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Ted Shifrin|Oct 30, 2018
I'm very impressed and proud! I have to get up from prone on the floor every day after I do some of my PT exercises for my degenerating neck. It ain't easy. As Arnie would say, “Wait ‘til you're my age!” Keep up the good work!
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Kristen Smith|Oct 30, 2018
Six hours of therapy! It sounds exhausting. Thanks for the update, Steve.
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Karen Baker|Oct 29, 2018
I am also impressed by the getting up from the floor trick. That's hard! Keep working hard, and maybe you'll get some Halloween treats!
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Bonnie Prokopowicz|Oct 29, 2018
I'm so happy that your first day of outpatient was so successful. Looking forward to seeing your new tricks over the weekend, but I probably won't make you lie down on the floor. XOXO
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Michael Brody|Oct 29, 2018
Keep up the great work!
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Lisa Earley|Oct 29, 2018
Maybe Danny & his family should take turns coming in at night to take your vitals and otherwise disturb you, just to help with the transition from hospital to home. What's that you say? No? Okay, I was just trying to be helpful... It sounds like everything is going wonderfully, and personally I am looking forward to the next-to-nothing commute for my next visit!
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Craig Wiegert|Oct 29, 2018
Your latest therapy story reminds me of a lyric snippet from "Hamilton" (of course!), from the Battle of Yorktown:
"Hercules Mulligan, I need no introduction,
When you knock me down I get the f*** back up again!"
You've been emulating Hercules for 5 weeks and counting! Keep at it!
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Karen Sue Moroney|Oct 29, 2018
WOW! You are amazing! And you must have some seriously great insurance. :D I bet you're sleeping better now than at the rehab center and will progress more with rest. I'm not surprised at how popular you are!
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