Journal entry by Steven Lewis

I moved into my brother's house on Saturday. I got a good send off from the various people who work on the 24th floor of Shirley Ryan. Friendly guy that I am, I developed good rapports with many of them. Some even made a special point of dropping by my room to wish me well or give me a goodbye hug, even if I wasn't part of their shift. Then, at the other end of the car ride, I got a very warm welcome from my sister-in-law Carolyn, my nieces Lora and Marlee, and my nephew Parker.  They went above and beyond to make their home the best place for me to live during this next phase of my recovery!  It's definitely taking some adjustment to be away from a hospital setting after being in one for 5 weeks, but I'm already seeing a routine start to jell.  The transition has also been helped along by the services of a terrific in-home caregiver, Ricky. He's been great about helping me out, but also backs off when I want to try to do some things independently. 

Today was my first day of intensive outpatient therapy at the SRAL day rehab facility in Wheeling.  I'm getting 6 hours per day Mon-Thu, split evenly between PT and OT. Much of today was about initial assessments to establish baselines, but I also had some actual therapy. A "highlight" of that was when the PT (who I like a lot!) had me practice getting down on the floor, lying on my back, and then getting back up again.  Very difficult for me in my condition!  But I did it—albeit not very elegantly—twice.  Suffice it to say, 6 hours of therapy is awfully fatiguing. When I got back home, I had a small snack (some almonds and grapes) and then went to lie down on my bed for a couple hours. I'm pretty sure I'll sleep well tonight! 
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