Lisa Ezrol|Oct 21, 2018
So exciting that you will be out of there soon! Keep up the amazing progress.
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Judith Lindgren|Oct 21, 2018
So proud of you making such progress even when fatigued!
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Jean Martin-Williams|Oct 20, 2018
Steve, It sounds particularly challenging to do PT when sleep deprived. You are very impressive!! (But we all knew that already)
I hope Cassie is bringing her viola.
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Karen Sue Moroney|Oct 20, 2018
Hang in there. Please let your therapy team when you are tired; they should be able to modify the plan based on your energy level. It’s for your safety and theirs. ((((Hugs))))
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Judi O|Oct 20, 2018
Thanks for taking the extra energy to keep us up to date on your progress, Steve. You are loved. Congratulations on powering through even the hard days.
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Karen Baker|Oct 20, 2018
As you know, the tough days make the successful ones all the more glorious! I simply can't believe you are a week away from outpatient work. You are amazing.
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