Journal entry by Steven Lewis

The last two days have seen ups and downs. Two nights ago I slept very poorly, and it affected my mood and energy all day. As luck would have it, my schedule yesterday had 2 PT sessions and 1 OT. Usually it's the other way around.  PT sessions are generally more physically taxing than OT sessions, so yesterday was not a good day to have 2 PTs. And to make matters worse, they were both particularly grueling sessions. In the first, they put me in a harness supported by a track in the ceiling and I walked around the therapy room WITHOUT A CANE!!  Man was that hard!  We also practiced going up and down a few stairs using a cane, rather than a railing, with the PT there to catch me if I lost balance. That was hard too, but I managed it ok. I think we'll be practicing that more in the coming days.  The second PT session was walking with a 4-prong cane, first just walking a full circuit for "warm up", and then the PT set up a little obstacle course to navigate. Oh boy was that tough, especially given how tired and fatigued I was!  The bright spot in that session was that my good friend (and also my 4th and 5th grade teacher), Judi Lindgren, visited me and watched that session, cheering me along the whole way!  Thanks again, Judi. My cousin Amy also visited me yesterday, arriving at lunchtime and staying through my afternoon OT.  I was tired and kinda glum all day, but fortunately, I had a better night's sleep last night.

Today has been a much better day!  I had two sessions, 1 OT and 1 PT, and both were good and productive. In fact, in PT I  walked 32 minutes on the treadmill, beating my walking-time record by 5 minutes!  And then at around 2:30, my good friends Barry and Bobbi Ann Fulk came to visit me.  This was a sort of surprise, because I only learned that they'd be visiting this morning.  It was great, because I didn't have any other visitors scheduled for today … and because I really like them!  Now I'm watching TV, catching up on correspondence, and doing some practice exercises.  Tomorrow I have the day off, and Danny and Bonnie (and later Cassie) are visiting.  One week from today, I get discharged from Shirley Ryan Ability Lab and head up to Buffalo Grove to live with my brother and family for a few months while I do outpatient rehab at SRAL's Wheeling outpatient facility.  That's it for now.  Again, many thanks to all of you for your love, caring, and support. It keeps me going!
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