Ted Shifrin|Oct 20, 2018
Love to see you progressing, as it were, IRT. And you continue to demolish me in WWF! Sigh. Much love!
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Jay winston|Oct 19, 2018
Sounds like some impressive progress. Keep it up!
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Karen Sue Moroney|Oct 18, 2018
Go Steve!! You're doing amazing!
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Ellen Cohan|Oct 18, 2018
Great news, Steve! I love reading your updates and continue to be amazed at the progress you are making!
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Judith Lindgren|Oct 18, 2018
We are very proud of you, Steve!
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Craig Wiegert|Oct 18, 2018
I continue to be amazed at the amount of progress you're making, and reading these updates is a highlight of my day!
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Bonnie Prokopowicz|Oct 18, 2018
I love reading these posts with your progress! I suspect it was a lot of effort to flip through those magazines -- hope there was something worth seeing in there! XOXO
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Kristen Smith|Oct 18, 2018
It makes me so happy to read this, Steve! Sending you love from Athens.
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Jean Martin-Williams|Oct 18, 2018
Excellent news!
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