Journal entry by Steven Lewis

I continue making good progress.  Today's big milestone was in PT. I took the balance assessment for the third time since getting here. It's out of 54 points.  The day after I got here, I got a 5 on it.  Ten days ago I got a 15. Today I got a 34. I still have a ways to go to be considered at minimal risk of falling if unaccompanied, but I'm very pleased with today's score.  After the balance assessment, my PT and I went for a little walk with a 4-prong cane, but whereas my previous cane walking had been with a wide-base 4-prong, today we tried out a narrow-base 4-prong … and I was able to do it pretty well!  We did one full lap around the therapy room (a little over 200 ft). By the end I was fatigued and started making little mistakes, but overall I did well.  My left hand and arm are also improving, but no specific metrics to report today. One thing that had been very difficult at first—straightening my elbow without assistance—has shown a lot of improvement in recent days, and I'm gaining more nimbleness in my hand with each passing day (e.g, today in OT, I flipped through two magazines from beginning to end with my left hand.). That's it for now, folks!  As ever, thanks for reading.
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