Karen Sue Moroney|Oct 17, 2018
Congrats on your hard work! So glad you're getting better. <3
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Ginger Williams|Oct 16, 2018
Love reading all your updates! So proud of your progress!!!! GO STEVE, GO!!! : )
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Amberly Tankersley|Oct 16, 2018
You are AWESOME!!!
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Bonnie Prokopowicz|Oct 15, 2018
Wowie! That's a fantastic improvement in the ARAT; so encouraging and, I'm sure, motivating. You rock bro! (That sounds cringey, but I'm gonna leave it.)
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Lisa Earley|Oct 15, 2018
Steve tends to sell himself short when he talks about his recovery. I saw him on Oct. 2, and then today. The difference was PHENOMENAL. Give him enough time and he will lapping us all.
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Judi O|Oct 15, 2018
This is so fantastic, Steve! You are a hardworking rock star. ❤️
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