Journal entry by Bonnie Prokopowicz

Well, Steven and I had quite an adventure today! At 8:00 AM our transfer team arrived at the hospital. They took care of every single detail, including schlepping our luggage. They wheeled Steve out to a ground ambulance, which took us to the Athens airport. We flew a Lear jet up to Shirley RyAN (those of a certain age might get an ear worm at this point). Well, actually to Midway Airport, where an ambulance was waiting to whisk us to Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, where Steve got a nice welcome and has a "corner office" on the 24th floor. The intake resident who examined him was very encouraging, noting that he felt muscle response even in cases where there was no visible movement. Steve had a good lunch and then looked like he was ready for a nap, at which point I headed home.

Tomorrow Steve will get evaluations from the various teams and they'll make a plan for his therapy, which begins in earnest on Monday. He is ready to work his butt off to get better!
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