Thoughts & Well Wishes

Linda Lischer | Nov 28, 2018
Steve, best wishes from Linda, Jeff & Maggi Lischer here in Acton MA! So glad to hear about all your progress so far, and we're wishing even more progress as you continue with rehab. We'd like to send you an old-fashioned card in the mail. Where could we send it to that you'd get it? Thanks, and a hug from us all....  --Linda
Pat Wiegert | Oct 15, 2018
You're looking good Steve! And yea, my first thought when I saw that new pic of Bonnie's was "hippie". Glad to hear about your mailing the ballot. I still have further research to do on the ballot initiatives. Back in CA, there was always a ton of places to get more info pro and con plus a copy of the actual initiative language or statutory change. Here in GA it's like pulling teeth to get that info making me wonder how other voters deal with that vacuum. 

Fred & I are plugging away for you kiddo! We want you back causing havoc in our little world here in Athens.
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Karen Baker | Sep 28, 2018
Adrian shared the Caring Bridges Site. I am so glad to be able to read updates and progress reports without needing to bother anyone. Know the communication piece can take a great deal of time when done individually or in small groups. Travel safely and let the rehab begin. Hugs. Karen Baker 
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