Journal entry by Ruthie Hill

We started this site as an easier way to keep our friends and family updated on Steve's progress along this long, winding, bumpy, exhausting, poorly marked, full of potholes and occasionally cliff side with no guardrail journey called Acute Myeloid Leukemia with MRC.   We have learned that this is a road we cannot exit.   It's a battle that must be fought.  AML is a worthy opponent indeed.  We are aware of the odds against us, but nothing is impossible.  Prayers do bring results.  Miracles do happen.  Love does heal.  
Join us, if you wish.  Be a warrior.  Be a warrior for Steve- and for your own family and friends.  
I believe some of this journey will be done away from our cancer journey.  I believe that the increased love and health and forgiveness in your lives, homes and workplaces that bring you more Peace, and in turn- your increased joy will spill over into our road.   It's my belief that if you have an unhealed relationship and can forgive whatever the wrong, that act of forgiveness can fill some of the potholes on our AML road.   I believe each act of selflessness in your life will smooth some of our bumps.  I believe each time you laugh, get a restful night's sleep, go for a walk or a run, each act of self love and loving others will change our road for the better.  
I know you will remember Steve in your thoughts and prayers... I ask you to get an image in your mind's eye.   For me, I can hear his wonderful laugh.  For you it might be hearing his kind voice. Some of you might see a bag of Skittles and smile.  Some may imagine him telling stories.  But, as you prayerfully ask God for his healing-imagine him in perfect health and happiness.  
Tomorrow morning at 6:15 am we are getting picked up by a dear friend's stretch limo to head to Moffitt to get pic line and his first treatment of chemo therapy with the fairly new drug Vyxeos.  Steve says that us going in a limo will be like the Beverly Hillbillies and he promised to call me Ellie May all day. 🥰    Our dear friends want us to enjoy the ride instead of fight the traffic! We are blessed.  
Thank you for your love and support. We need each and every one of you.  Battles are won with teamwork.  #TeamMagann  #EverybodyLovesSteve 
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