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Jun 13-19

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Its the morning of the 15th and sun is out. For you early birds.... I have a greater respect for what you enjoy in the morning🌄. I'm a night bird😉 or at least I thought I was. Now I enjoy the morning a bit more. Both Steve andI get a bit nervous about the night....knowing the pain in the right foot might rear its ugly head and the shooting pains return.We pray always, for a good night rest.  Neuropathy is an unbelivalbly painful nerve issue. No cure but controlling the pain is what we need. We will be seeing a neurologist for the extended care and who knows, acupuncture, CBDs , botox..... massages, walking for blood flow.... all good suggestions. Get rid of the walker!!!!! Ok not yet. Maybe balance first😉
Overall, day by day,Steve is showing improvements. Wanting to be up, wanting to move, wanting to get back to feeling as though he has some control over his daily schedule is our continued prayers. He sees weeds outside and can't stand it!👀😠  
We have a journey that has been laid out... much unknown but we are on it. We will attempt to be good patients and pray continually for relief. 
Our flowers are coming out...yellow roses smell amazing; hummingbirds are out....
Best thing for me...because of friends, coming to see Steve; I saw my youth group students last night. Such a blessing💞
Carry on soldiers. 👍

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