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April 15, 2021

Its the morning of the 15th and sun is out. For you early birds.... I have a greater respect for what you enjoy in the morning🌄. I'm a night bird😉 or at least I thought I was. Now I enjoy the morning a bit more. Both Steve andI get a bit nervous about the night....knowing the pain in the right foot might rear its ugly head and the shooting pains return.We pray always, for a good night rest.  Neuropathy is an unbelivalbly painful nerve issue. No cure but controlling the pain is what we need. We will be seeing a neurologist for the extended care and who knows, acupuncture, CBDs , botox..... massages, walking for blood flow.... all good suggestions. Get rid of the walker!!!!! Ok not yet. Maybe balance first😉
Overall, day by day,Steve is showing improvements. Wanting to be up, wanting to move, wanting to get back to feeling as though he has some control over his daily schedule is our continued prayers. He sees weeds outside and can't stand it!👀😠  
We have a journey that has been laid out... much unknown but we are on it. We will attempt to be good patients and pray continually for relief. 
Our flowers are coming out...yellow roses smell amazing; hummingbirds are out....
Best thing for me...because of friends, coming to see Steve; I saw my youth group students last night. Such a blessing💞
Carry on soldiers. 👍

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April 10, 2021

I was thinking today how a moment, an incident, we thought was going to turn out one way takes a huge course change. It changes your priorities, your vocabulary, your sleep, meals, chores, daily routine, socializing and how we communicate with our community of family and friends. Our prayers have enlarged beyond measure but also more specific not just for ourselves but others, strangers and those we know.

 Yesterday, Steve came me home with an antibiotic that needs to be administered through a pic line for the next two weeks. Today, I learned a new skill; How to flush out a pic line. So I guess you can teach young chicks new tricks!!! (I don't think thats how that line reads but you get the idea)😅

We have so many new devices to help Steve get back to his fighting weight😉that someday we will auction them off to the highest bidder😀

Because we are blessed with amazing family and friends, we have received much support: cleaning, gardening, hair cut😉, shopping , flowers, cooking and meals, sitting and listening with us, cards and messages, phone calls and much much more. 💛🧡💙Prayers Have been like a huge blanket keeping us warm and protected from the elements.

We are blessed, completely cared for and God has our back (literally💯)!

We ask for continued prayers for Steve to kick the recent infection and to have the ability to get on with the healing of his back; exercise and movement to become easier..... dwindle down the meds and to feel healthy again.

As the saying goes; Steve and I have places to go and people to see🏍😎

love ya

side note with not much detail....I know some have asked "where are you guys living?"and because of our extended support system here, we are staying in our Laguna Niguel home for now. 

a good Sunday to all


April 9, 2021

The plane has landed! Steve left Hoag at around 4pm today.  Wait time is always difficult. He needed to get a pic line in so the antibiotics can be administered for the next couple of weeks. Home Health Care is to do this.... I hope...at least for now until I'm trained🤔 Praying for a progression in his health and things get better for him starting tonight.  It's 8:15 and he is just trying to settle into the new routine. Gosh it's been a journey. One we will talk about around the campfire😏 At least the brain is thinking ahead; Supercross tomorrow!🏍

Again, thank you all and for the continued prayers and good thoughts for the Captain.👍


April 8, 2021

Thursday evening on the 8th of April and Friday could not come sooner for Steve. He has had it with his hospital stay. Can't blame him. March 3rd was surgery....23 nights from Hoag Irvine to Hoag Newport.. 10 days home and then 4 days more in Hoag Irvine.  37 days of just wanting to feel better. This round has not been the best for him.  Everything seemed to be a struggle from hitting the call button to pain med delivery and beepers going off at all times. I blame the meds but I know the antibiotics are on board and they are knocking down the urinary/ blood infection. Home tomorrow with a catheter and antibiotics which the Home Health will administer. I'm in charge of the rest😳

Please be praying as I know you have; this time, for a smooth transition home. We want what is good; healthy days ahead, to be home, family and friends..... and Supercross 2021 !!!!!



April 7, 2021

Good Morning on Wednesday, the 7th of April. a bit of an update with on Captain Steve 🙂
Yesterday we returned to Hoag Irvine ER. Monday Steve was, as my mom would say, “just not right with himself.” This continued through a rough Monday night with a 102 fever, urine was different color, sweats and disoriented.  Making the decision to return was a good choice.. So far we have a UTI infection from one culture.  We totally expected this due to the time he has had with a catheter 🙁We are on IV drip antibiotics. We wait to see the results of the other cultures. No better time to ask for complete healing .  Steve is an amazing patient,( not that we want to win awards in this category🧐, but we want to turn a corner so that the back and the rest of the body can begin to move and his health can return to his fighting weight😉. We rest in having good doctors and a God we believe gives us peace in the process.  I still would profess to others; be your own advocate. Trust instincts.🥰

thank you all ahead of time for prayers, and your encouragement. Love our circle of friends.  


April 4, 2021

Happy Easter to our support team. 💝There is a reason for the season....find your journey with your faith.

As we end a beautiful day, Steve and I can say this is the most quiet Easter ever🤔. We were still filled with an amazing message from our church... a visit from our long time friends and we rest in the assurance that this will pass and we will look back and be stronger for it.  Continued prayer for pain management. 

Easter 2021


April 3, 2021

So today, Saturday, is right in the middle of Easter celebration, the basis of our Faith. We have been home one week and we are still trying to find our "new normal" for now. It took 4 days on our own before we had our Home Care team begin their professions.  We have had our lead and PT person before. Good guys!
My learned tip this time: Don't check out on a Friday! Everything is different for the weekend staffs. We weren't in the system on Saturday so having learned to be an advocate, I called Monday. Nicole, Hoag Newport, our social worker, was awesome.She got the ball rolling. 
Now for Steve, Home is better as we all know. First few nights... rough to say the least. We have talked with the doctors and our home care nurse and we know what we can tweak to help with pain. If it weren't for the pain from the neuropathy we could be making more progress. PT, Tim came today. Good and encouraging as to letting us know the progression of the body healing: tissue, muscles, nerves, bone etc.
Reassuring that time is valuable. Walking will be good for Steve and not to add much else until ready.  Patience for the two of us for sure. We are Faithful people and we know we will make it through, and we will look back and talk stories. Im sure the stories will get bigger too.
Good Friday is a crazy and passionate to me.....if  the crucifixion did not take place and Jesus did not come to life as His Father planned....Christianity stands on a lie. A lie I'm not willing to believe.
So to all Happy Easter. A beautiful weekend and celebrate with family and friends. 😍 🙏  
You all have been my tower of strength in our storm  Bless you all.🙌 


March 28, 2021

On Friday, I truly felt like the "new Parent, bringing the first born home." We arrived home around 3pm just as the electric bed arrived. Steve took the side route to get into the house; no steps. Exhausting as it was, He was home. We had a few reservations coming home....We have not been given answers regarding the Blood Pressure, the massive pain in the feet and the bladder issue. Funny how the back is the least of the pain issues. Praying we will get those in the next week. Had a shower on Saturday.... major challenge for both of us... me having Steve fell safe and for him, the movement. Great joy... a shower. We are setting up house for him to feel safe; no rugs! I have my phone alarms set for each medication. That helped me today. March Madness is are go to since Supercross is taking a two week break. Again, all the support and love is felt here by Steve and myself.  We know we are loved.