Barb Neal|Jun 7, 2019
Steve, both Charles & I rejoice over your positive update following all this year has thrown at you, and we thoroughly enjoy your (& Deb's) ongoing upbeat deep appreciation of so much. Great to learn of the Bryce Canyon Visitor Shuttle contract & know they set it with someone so experienced and knowledgeable as you! We look forward to seeing you back up here. With thanks for the article & the organ transplant chart from 2018, & with continued prayers,
Barb & Charles
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Lauren Lo Re|Jun 5, 2019
It is wonderful to hear from you two but I am so sorry that it has bee such a difficult period. Your optimism and resilience shine through in your words. You continue to inspire us all.

I hold you both in my heart.
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Machelle Langseth|Jun 3, 2019
Steve and Deb: I'll preface this by saying I'm sure you don't remember me. I met the two of you on Steve's first visit to pulmonary docs at the "500 " building after Steve had been released from the hospital (post transplant). I was in awe that Steve looked so good and was so hopeful for your total recovery.
At that time my husband was coming to the end of his evaluations for transplant and we were hopeful that he could be listed. Well - once again I had to learn "my" skd is not necessarily THE skd. They said his lungs were too healthy. (we were taken aback by that) But, IPF DOES progress as we know and right now we're standing on the brink...
He's been told he'll be on the list as soon as he's healed from some much needed oral surgery he just had.
I appreciate your frankness in speaking of the issues that have come along for you post surgery. It IS a reality check for me as caregiver. More than that - I'm still in awe of your positive upbeat attitude - loving every day we're given - no matter what.
I have no idea when that call will come - but I hope you won't mind if I reach out to the two of you once it HAS come.
If you remember we live in east Mesa so at some future time maybe we can have coffee the 4 of us.
Again God bless you both and thanks for sharing the good and not so great. HUGE help to a novitiate.
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Randee Kadziel|Jun 2, 2019
Your faith, compassion, strength, friendship, joyful spirit and love are examples of humanity at its best!
You and Deb are so loved!
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