Journal entry by Steve Lewis

Dear Friends and Family
It's Labor Day, which we have spent relaxing and reflecting on the labors of the past six months.

It was March 4 when we left Park City to pursue the lung transplant that I desperately needed.  Its been a longer and bumpier road than we had hoped for, but the paving crew seems finally to be getting out ahead of us to fill some of the nastier pot-holes.

You may recall my series of domino issues: 1) Not enough of one key anti-rejection drug, leading to 2) an over-dose of it, causing 3) Arterial-Fibrillation, followed by 4) a high dose of heart-beat suppression medication that went on too long.  The resulting 5) very slow heart beat sapped my energy, reversed my efforts to rebuild muscle, and caused light-headedness.  Eventually 6) I passed out in a store, (got to ride in an EMT truck!) discovered in the ER that 7) my heart rate was as low as 37 beats per minute (It takes 50 bpm to keep a normal person functional and rational at rest.)  

Then, finally, a week ago at the advice of a second cardiologist, 8) a pacemaker was implanted in my left shoulder.  It keeps my heart at 70 bpm, and raises it when I'm active!  Finally, I am making progress on rehabbing the remnants of my flimsy muscles, and no more dizziness.  I think the last of the dominoes has fallen at last!!

Meanwhile, Deb and I have continued to enjoy the creative distraction of renovating our new home-away-from-home.  Which is going great!  The painter starts tomorrow, and we should be able to start moving in next week.

Is there more Good News?  Indeed there is!  That will be just in time for one more monthly Lung Clinic visit at St. Joe's Hospital (9/14), which clears the path for us to return to Park City!!  We are so looking forward to seeing all of you, our beloved friends and family again!!

By coincidence, September 18 is the 30th Anniversary of one of the best days of my life.  The day Deb and I were married.  Sooooo, we here-by extend an invitation to all of you who have followed and supported us from afar with your calls, prayers, and uplifting cards and thoughts to join us in celebration of our anniversary, our return home. my new lungs, and new life!

Please save the date for a casual Open House style reunion: September 18, 4 to 7 PM, at the Jeremy Ranch Country Club.  Refreshments (beer, wine, and soda), plus a light buffet will be provided, plus a cash bar.

Hope to see you all soon!
Lots of love, and God's Blessing presence be with you.

Steve & Deborah

P.S. Organ Donation is the gift of life! 
I can't close these entries without making a plea that all of us are signed up as organ donors. Be sure to pass this urgent message along to the younger members of your family-friends network also.  During the installation of my pacemaker one of the nurses shared with me the story of the tragic passing of his 20-something, very healthy cousin in an accident.  Because he was a donor, his family was able to share various vital organs with 63 people.  That's 63 lives touched, enhanced, or saved!
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