Journal entry by Steve Lewis

Dearest Family & Friends:
Big P.S. To my previous post, which described, in the briefest possible terms, the winding, bumpy, road of our last month.
Your sympathetic responses are appreciated, but … that's far from the whole picture. 
As you know, we are up to our eyeballs in renovating what we intend to be our new cold weather nest in Terravita, just a mile from Carefree, AZ.  When we took this on, barely two months after my lung transplant, besides warmer, healthier winters, we also intended a creative release from the often frustrating focus on my recovery.  In that we've been overwhelmingly successful. Finally past the demo phase, it's a ton of fun to begin to see our dreams and schemes turning into reality.  We thank God for this opportunity, and the new path it will lead to. 
Beyond that, last weekend we stretched our wings, and flew off to Sedona, where we spent two lovely days and nights "camping" in the absolute Ritz of RV parks, and sleeping, along with our faithful furry companion Ivy, in the back of our Tesla X.
After four months without leaving Maricopa County (multiple weekly visits to St. Joe's Hospital, and "exotic tours," in 110 degree heat, of every tile, plumbing fixture, and furniture consignment store in Phoenix), it was heaven to get away.
We miss you all every day, and still plan to spend much of September through December in Park City, renewing treasured relationships.
Love and Best Wishes,
Steve & Deb 
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