Ann Hoffman|Aug 4, 2018
Oh Steve, you've been through so much. It is wonderful to hear you are on your way back and recovering. We think of you and Deb often and can't wait to hear when you are back in Park City. Your cycling friends ask about you. We miss you both.

Ann and Steve
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Tina Lewis|Aug 4, 2018
We love you and hope you continue to improve every day. You have been on quite a roller coaster. Hugs and kisses to you and Deb. All our love Tina and Gail
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Joyce Cossin|Aug 3, 2018
We miss you and Deb. Spiritual Reflection Group is excited about your return. God continues to be right by your side through every turn. This journey is not for the meek and weak at heart. You are the strongest person I know!!!!!!!!!!!!We lifted you and Deb up in prayer this past Wednesday at Spiritual reflection. Blessings, Joyce xoxoxoxoxoxo
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Annie Lewis Garda|Aug 3, 2018
Thank you for the update. Glad to hear all is on an upswing.
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Kymdan Meehan|Aug 3, 2018
Dear Steve,

I put your return date on my calendar and resumed what is my flat line high life-- far more grace from God than I deserve to be sure. What I was not aware of was the rocky, windy road you have been on since I wrote your return to PC date on my calendar . I am sad for your continuing health issues, my mind and heart have your recovery often progressing at a far greater "full speed ahead". Again, I quiet to a prayer of praise to my sovereign healer that His will be done. You are right where He wants you, so I will see you when I see you and that will be wonderful! Godspeed and love to Deb as well.
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Shirley Wright|Aug 3, 2018
I can relate. I have been dealing with AFib for a year. In May they did cardioversion, upped ditilizam. In June I had an Ablation. Still not energetic. Cut Flicanide in half and I finally am able to walk around the block. I am wearing a Halter Monitor for 2 weeks. Glad yours cleared up. Until we have an event we don't realize how many of our associates are going through shut too. Love the song by the Hollies.
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Donna Kozkowski|Aug 3, 2018
Hi Steve n Deb. OMG don't buy anymore tickets to a rollercoaster ride! Glad to hear you're on the mend. Met a gal in museum the other day who said she worked for Lewis Stages for 34 years and spoke very highly of you and wishes you well. So sorry I forget her name. Hugs n blessings.
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