Journal entry by Steve Lewis

Dear Family & Friends
The title of this update is a lyric line from the song, "He Ain't Heavy" (He's My Brother) from my '60s childhood, by the Hollies.
The short and sweet story is that I continue to mend, and am bouncing back well from a bit of a set-back. We are also making good progress on renovation of our new little love nest in North Scottsdale, just two miles from Carefree, AZ.  Deb and I are having fun putting it together, and looking forward to warmer wintering for years to come.
In an ideal world we would have been released from close observation, and headed back to Park City by late July.  But this is transplant world, and "the road has many a winding turn." In late June a series of dominoes started to fall that pushed my recovery back by 4-6 weeks.  Briefly it went like this: accidental under-dose of anti-rejection med; followed by catch-up over-dose; sending my heart into arterial fibrillation (a high rate of very shallow beating), heart rhythm reset by  electric paddle-shock; and a 30-day course of medications. The med intended to prevent my heart from beating too fast worked so well that my resting heart rate eventually got down as low as 37 bpm, and I felt terrible. It was like having a progressively worsening flu, no energy, etc., for three weeks. Finally I passed out in a tile store, got to ride in an EMT truck, and (wahoo) was taken off that drug.
Now I'm back to 104% of "normal" lung function, and feel better every day!
We miss you all, and looking forward to return to PC in late August.  Steve & Deb
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