Journal entry by Steve Lewis

Dear Friends and Family:
June 6th was a significant milestone in my recovery.  It marked eight weeks from New Lung Installation Day!  That gives sufficient time for broken bones, like my sternum, to heal and knit together.  Which means ... ta-da, … that I am now allowed to drive a car again!  (I had been relegated to riding in the back seat, with a pillow between my very tender chest and the seat belt, to eliminate the very remote but potentially devastating possibility of an airbag deployment, which could make a mess of my then fragile torso.)  Not that I haven't enjoyed having such a lovely and competent chauffer, but even she was getting weary of that role.

Tomorrow is another significant lung anniversary.  It marks two months since the day I was blessed with these new lungs.  I can't tell you how often, during painful or discouraging times, that I told myself to have faith.  I would gradually get better as I just concentrated on this eight-week/two-month journey.

Well it is happening!  We are still enjoying so much the privilege of staying at Fred and Emmy Marshall's winter home in North Scottsdale.  We love the neighborhood too.  I'm riding Fred's cruiser bike around the Terravita community for a few miles most days, ending at their really nice clubhouse gym. As I have said, transplant surgery isn't for the faint of heart.  It just melts muscles.  It could turn Arnold Schwarzenegger into a marshmallow.  So getting 'back in the saddle' refers both to the seat of Fred's bike, and just starting to get my strength back, one baby-step at a time.

Last week we learned that the next big step will be a month from now, when they perform a thorough evaluation of my condition, including a bronchoscopy, where they 'vacuum out' my lungs, to make sure I'm not aspirating at a damaging level, and take tissue samples to assure the health of the lungs.  So, by about July 15 we should know if any further 'procedures' are needed, or we are released to come home to Park City, with just monthly checkup visits for the next nine months. 

Perhaps the biggest news I have to report is that we have really fallen in love with the area, Terravita.  So much so that we will be closing on the purchase of a winter home here at the end of this month. We had absolutely no thought of doing this three months ago.  However, it is now clear that we need and want to have a long term relationship with St. Joseph's Lung Team.  We have also come to understand the many reasons people do that 'snow-bird' thing. 

So as I continue to recover, we will begin remodeling our little 'love shack' in North Scottsdale, very near Carefree, Arizona. 

Meanwhile, we continue to look forward longingly to returning to Park City, and the community that has given us such wonderful support over these last months.

God Bless you all.
Steve and Deb


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