Vicki Varela|Aug 5, 2018
Thanks for this update. Your tenacity and optimism shine through. Thinking about you all summer.
I will be in Phoenix this weekend for a conference. Staying @ the JW Marriott Desert Phoenix Desert Ridge. If my map is right I am only 15 minutes from North Scottsdale. Is there any chance you would welcome a visit this Saturday morning? I have to be back to conference by about 12:30. XOXOXO to both of you!!!
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Sydney Reed|May 25, 2018
Sounds like you’re getting fabulous care and making great progress!! You two are an amazing team!! Thinking of you daily and sending healing energies. Keep up the good life. My love to you both.
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Machelle Langseth|May 22, 2018
I've been silently following you since our meeting in waiting room at St Joe's and praying for both of you every day. Was really stunned by the esoph problem and the necessity of feeding tube - so glad you're overcoming it so well.
My husband has been put on "hold" as far as his transplant goes. (this is good news / bad news I guess). Good news is at this time his lungs are too healthy for them to consider him. The rest of him passed with flying colors so I guess as he deteriorates we'll eventually "get there".
They will do an eval every three months (what they told him). Of course no one has any idea HOW long it will take. He's getting sicker , but unlike you, Steve at a very slow pace. ( it's bee 5 1/2 years since his diagnosis)
Thank you SO much for sharing your journey - gives me something solid to look to.
Meanwhile looks like I may have knee replacement (get it over with) . The fun never ends........
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Annie Lewis Garda|May 21, 2018
Wonderful news! Thank you for sending the update. With hugs and prayers, Annie Lewis
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Barb Neal|May 21, 2018
Steve & Deb - Hallelujah for the end of the feeding tube, and your strengthened swallowing! What a wonderful care team you have there. We both rejoice with you both, as you're making all this steady progress. Hugs to both of you, from Charles & me.
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Pam Kelley|May 20, 2018
Steve and Deb, this is incredibly good news. I think about you two everyday. Your story is unbelievable. I wish the very best for you both. Much love.
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