Barb Neal|May 9, 2018
Thanks so much for your update, Steve, that Charles & I just read together. We're glad that you're steadily and gradually increasing in exercise. We join you in hoping and praying for resolution of that darned screw pressing on your esophagus so you can again safely enjoy swallowing sustenance without danger of aspiration. Being a "PATIENT patient" and a "PATIENT support-team" is often hard for any of us -- and you 2 seem to be handling it better than some. Both of you remain in our prayers, which include giving thanks that this journey of yours has moved so far and so quickly thanks to St Joseph's! Barbara & Charles
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Michelle Simpson|May 9, 2018
You are both such an inspiration to us all. So happy it’s going smoothly. You’re in such good hands and I’m betting they work out the loose screw! (Well, the metal one 🤪).
You’re sure missed in PC by us all including the birds and wildlife.
Sending you both a giant hug and lots of love.
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Ted Main|May 9, 2018
Thanx for the update ,, Its just a small detour Mr. Steve so remember ,, Good things are still to come along with everything that has already transpired. I sure hope they ""FIX"" that loose screw ,, The one that prohibits you from eating. I am sure they will find a fix and soon all will be well. Have a great week and keep smiling ,, The man above has it under control ,, Just me ,, The Wolfman..
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Kymdan Meehan|May 9, 2018
Thanks for the update and what a huge amount of progress! Yahoo, yippee, still a mile a day without oxygen! You go!!!~ Also excited about your new digs and this chapter in your life. Love to you Steve and to your awesome nurse, may she yell and scram instructions to you and you will listen! Kym and Dan
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Sydney Reed|May 8, 2018
Yeh! you and Deb are amazing. You make life fun wherever you are, including the hospital! Those fluffy lambs seem to be boding you well and liking their life in your body more and more. So glad you like your afghan from the Loosely Knit Group.Thought of you while knitting and still am sending healing energies to you both. All my love. Syd Reed
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