Sydney Reed|May 3, 2018
Steve and Deb,
My thoughts and prayers are with you. I just found your site, but have been sending healing energies every day in your direction. Your sense of Humor and positive attitude I am sure will bode you well and help you heal as well as your cute dog. Love and hugs. Syd Reed
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Machelle Langseth|May 2, 2018
"Hi'" from your chance encounter. I'm the one who bugged you at the transplant office the day after Steve was first released to go "home". Been thinking of you both a great deal - but as you know with Allan's testing there's only so many hours in the day - and never enough to go around.
I'm still working pretty much "full time" with my business - tho I've laid off as much as I can on my workers...
Anyway - felt like a gut punch when I read what all was going on with Steve. Am so sorry for the set back - also I'm amazed at the great attitude you both have managed to hang onto.
Since I'm HERE - Phoenix area (and we've been at st Joe's twice a week) if there is anything you need anything locally you're looking for etc please don't hesitate to call me - will give my # again 480 205 6545.
This also goes for a cup of coffee if you just need someone "face to face" to talk to. I can come to you - since I'm more familiar with the lay of the land.
Here's hoping for a "short" 3 months with the feeding tube - and a solution to the ongoing problem.
Take care - Machelle
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Kay Grimme|May 1, 2018
Well, I just found out about your tough journey! Lots and lots of healing thoughts sent your way and please know what a "light" you have been to me along my way with God. I cherish who you are and will be so glad when you are back to full health. Kay Grimme
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Lauren Lo Re|May 1, 2018
I just want you to know that I hold you both in my heart . I send thoughts of peace and endurance to you both.
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Sydney Reed|Apr 30, 2018
Just found this site and so happy to hear your story and how well you are doing.
I think of you both all the time in this journey you are taking and sending you healing energies.
Lots of love to you both.
Syd Reed
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Ann Hoffman|Apr 27, 2018
Thank you Deb for the update. As said before, Steve is tenacious and a fighter. Attitude!! Give Steve a big hug for that. Great news about identifying the source of the problem. We love you guys.
Ann and Steve
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Ted Main|Apr 26, 2018
Thanks for the update Deb , Tell Steve The WolfMan will howl away for him. God Bless and Keep Smiling. Positive Expectations = Positive Results - Steve's Got This . Have A Great Week ,, Love Always ,,, Ted
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Barb Neal|Apr 25, 2018
Charles & I send our thanks for the full story so well relayed; our prayers for getting the darned interfering-screw successfully handled as soon as they can do that; and best wishes in the meantime for the fluffy lamb (new lungs) to strengthen and flourish. Onward!
Barbara & Charles
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Randee Kadziel|Apr 25, 2018
Ok Deb- Tears streaming down my cheeks as I read your message.
Then you do a zinger at the end with your comment about not doing any meals and I broke into hysterical laughter~!
You rock Deb...nobody came make me cry and then laugh!
Yes, watching Jazz also. Hugs from Park City Thanks for your updates
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Dick Welsh|Apr 25, 2018
We are so sorry about the setback but thankful that they've caught it and are helping Steve deal with it. Just lucky you bring such strength to overcome!!

God Bless you both.

Dick & Charlotte Welsh
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