Shirley Wright|Apr 24, 2018
So amazed to hear about your As. Adventure. But happy you are doing so well. Best wishes for great recovery. Love you guys.
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Glenn Wright|Apr 22, 2018
WOW, I saw Judd Werner on Friday and he gave me the good news.
This is great. Good luck on your continued recovery.
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Machelle Langseth|Apr 22, 2018
Hey there I read your journal and really appreciated the gallery of pictures too - since, with luck Allan and I will be where you are now in a month or so it's a great help. I've always believed that "more information" is better than less it really helps us a ton..... thank you again for taking the time to post and share.
Hope to see you sometime in the next couple weeks. And fingers crossed for you, Steve that your progress continues at this pace!!
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sally pick|Apr 20, 2018
Love the pictures and the smiles - Steve looks wonderful! We are so grateful!
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Tom & Ann Hannigan|Apr 20, 2018
We can’t stop smiling. This is wonderful news and a moving story of the perseverance of two warriors - both of you have borne so much with such grace. Everyone here is cheering.
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Matt Lewis|Apr 20, 2018
Absolutely miraculous! Finally I'll be able to hand you back the chainsaw! ;-)
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Randee Kadziel|Apr 20, 2018
I don't have champagne but I will pour myself a glass of white wine and say "CHEERS" tonight!
I am hoping Steve's pills are all sorts of fun rainbow colors! If not I can help dye them when you return! HA!
Hugs to you both
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Barb Neal|Apr 20, 2018
Hurray for such happy news & happy faces, too -- Continuing our prayers, including prayers of thanksgiving. May God continue to bless you in this Chapter 3 and onward! Barbara & Charles
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Lena Azodi|Apr 20, 2018
This is all just so good to read, I love you!! <3
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Dick Welsh|Apr 20, 2018
What great news Steve. You look terrific in the photos!! We'll continue to look for good news and pray for a complete recovery. God Bless!!

Dick & Charlotte Welsh
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