Journal entry by Deborah Lewis


Steve left the ICU floor last night (April 15) after making great progress.  All of his numbers are good, his spirits are up, and he walked a mile -- 17 laps all added together around the ICU floor in three different sessions.  His body systems are working fine ;) and his only complaint is not sleeping well which is normal because they have him pumped up with steroids.  The pain management is stellar with Steve reporting a big, fat zero on the pain meter.  He got two of the four drainage tubes removed today and the hope is to have the final two removed tomorrow.  Docs think he might go home on Wednesday.  They have him up and walking several times a day and besides nurses tending to him constantly, he has many respiratory therapist visits a day.  He's a busy guy and only had a little TV time yesterday to watch the Jazz lose to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first round of the NBA playoffs.  I guess he can't have everything go his way!  
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