Barbara Yamada|Apr 23, 2018
Such great news! A toast to both of you. Prayers for continued success on this transplant. Hugs to you both.
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Kymdan Meehan|Apr 16, 2018
What a blessing to read this and prayers of comfort and healing for Steve and for you our sweet friend, calm, peace, REST and much love to all! Kym and Dan
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Betsy Ward|Apr 15, 2018
Brian and I are overwhelmed with Steve's successful transplant. It happened so quickly! Know that you are in our prayers daily and we can't wait to hear about your progress.
With love,
Betsy and Brian
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Ted Main|Apr 14, 2018
AaaaaWwwwwOooooo From The Wolf Man -- You Got This Steve - God Bless
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sally pick|Apr 13, 2018
Wonderful news, and such an answer to prayer! We are grateful all went so well and pray for a seamless recovery! Much love, Sally
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Susan Revel|Apr 13, 2018
So thrilled to hear Steve has so quickly received new lungs. Praying the recovery is uneventful and speedy.
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Richard Filllmore|Apr 13, 2018
Thank you for the wonderful news. All my best wishes to you and Steve for a speedy recovery.
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Joyce Cossin|Apr 13, 2018
So Happy for this wonderful outcome. God is Good!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blessings, Joyce xo
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Michelle Simpson|Apr 12, 2018
It’s the best news EVER!!
Continued prayers, hugs and LOVE to you both! ❣️
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Gini Smith|Apr 12, 2018
Deb,I am overjoyed that Steve came through his transplant surgery with flying colors. I’m sending all our love and prayers for you and Steve. Wishing him a speedy recovery so you all can come back home soon💞
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