Journal entry by Deborah Lewis

Greetings Transplant Supporters!
Yesterday was the big day -- the day that Steve received a pair of donor lungs known as a "double lung transplant."  He is now in ICU heavily sedated and with "good numbers"  coming from the myriad of monitors measuring everything (except what's traversing through his mind).

His surgeons were smiling after a textbook transplant that was free of any complications.  Today, the team will wean him off enough sedation that he'll open his eyes.  He will hopefully get the vent tube removed so he can talk.  Right now he can nod his head and squeeze our hands.  The goal, as written on the white board, is to control pain, complete a set of labs, wean meds and turn his body every two hours.

I'm grateful that daughter Alison flew out here while Steve was in surgery and did the bulk of the waiting with me at the hospital.  It's been an exciting and exhausting journey and we really are buoyed by the love and support pouring in from family and friends.  THANK YOU!

P.S.  I downloaded a photo of the x-ray showing the old lung on the right and the donor lung after implant on the left.
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