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April 30, 2021

Dad is in the planter... I am not a happy camper. He lied to me on the phone and said the ground is so smooth. I told him I’ve lived for 41 years and I know that the planter is not smooth. It’s been 5 weeks since his surgery and his last appointment was with his infection doctor on April 19, 2021 at which point he got his PICC line taken out and was taken off all antibiotics. He was supposed to do those until July. Dad also had a CT scan completed and his doctor was amazed that his insides were completely healed up. So the plan going forward is eating regular food, gaining weight and no heavy lifting. 
And also that last scale weight he had on his flannel jeans that added about 10 pounds to him! Geez he’s trying everything to get by us!

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April 14, 2021

Dad had an excellent visit with his surgeon today. He’s up about 15 pounds; so they are thinking something was very wrong with the last scale he used. Which is amazing because there is nothing to him. The doctor said his stomach, small intestine, and bile duct are healing up really well and he can get back to eating regular food as he tolerates it. Mom is very grateful too! Thank you all for your prayers and following along on our journey!


April 02, 2021

Dad had an appointment in Sioux Falls on Wednesday with his surgeon and got a portion of his staples removed. They are amazed at how well he is doing and also gave him the okay to drive. He needs to get his stamina up as he has lost 18 pounds and can move to a soft diet and they even said he can have some ham on Easter! He has the daily infusion treatments in Westbrook but his white blood cell counts continue to go down so hopefully that PICC line can come out sooner rather than later. The minute we got home, he jumped in his truck and took off! 


March 26, 2021

Dad returned home today. Long process but he’s a happy camper! He’s not in the planter quite yet! He needs to go in for daily IV infusions at Sanford Westbrook. But we are all happy he’s home! World Record-9 days!!!


March 25, 2021

Dad seems to be doing well. Michael and I were out there today and talked with the case manager and she said he seems to be handling the surgery well. He got his stitches removed but still has staples in. Slowly but surely he’s getting tubes removed one by one. Same with lines. He only has a one IV going for an antibiotic and a drainage tube I think. He started to eat a clear liquid diet. He’s also doing physical therapy and is walking with a walker. Right when we got there today he told us he’s getting out tomorrow and into the planter. We told him not likely!😂 when we were talking to the case manager she was also unaware he was thinking of going to a swing bed in Westbrook so we aren’t sure what’s going to happen but hoping things get worked out. He’s not so drugged up which helps and he’s not as confused. 


March 23, 2021

No cancer!!! Hooray! Thank you Jesus! So happy. Dad is still super uncomfortable and switching positions in his bed and in his chair but we are all just happy his pathology came back negative. He also has his days and nights mixed up. Mom and her sister Cindy were out there today and he thought they were visiting him at 11:00 p.m. His friends Joan and Bruce Jorgenson came out early this morning to see him too. He is very appreciative of all the visits, prayers and calls!


March 22, 2021

Not a whole lot to share today. Michael spent the majority of his day with dad today and said all he did was try to switch positions in his bed and move to his chair. He’s really uncomfortable and anyone who has been in a hospital bed knows how awful they are. Add in the most extensive surgery they do at Sanford and you get an irritable farmer. Please pray for some relief from his pain and uncomfortable circumstances. 


March 21, 2021

Epic turn around from yesterday! Thank you 🙏 for your prayers and thank God! Mom and I went over to the hospital this morning and dad said, “well they almost lost me last night.” I went and got his nurse and asked what he was talking about and she said they had the Rapid Response Team come to his room and a team of doctors and therapists all arrive and it seems scary to the patient when so many are there, but they obviously would have called if something major was going on. So...
They put the NG tube back in and it was correctly placed in his stomach and it removed a ton of gunk that was built up causing all the pain and problems from Saturday. 
They did ultrasounds that pushed on his incision that caused more pain, but is now resolved. 
They are having him walk and move around to wake his bowels up to get his gases moving even though there’s nothing in there but he needs to push gas out. 
He’s not using as much oxygen. 
Today he got an hour and a half nap. 
And they are hoping he will sleep tonight as he’s so exhausted from not sleeping the last 2 days. 
And he’s understanding how to use his pain control button. 
And he’s on video surveillance and bed movement that talks to him if he tries to get up. Believe me he’s tried...