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Journal entry by Meg Howard

First, I thought I updated this website last week to include Easter and Easter week. . . . Apparently I forgot to push the “submit” button. I just rectified that.

Steve was able to get his medi-port placed on Sunday when a surgical team came in for another patient’s emergency procedure and took Steve while they were there.

That went well and Steve came home late Monday. He is fatigued, short of breath and was sent home with oxygen. We hope this is temporary while he heals. He is getting his appetite back and I think he is putting back on some weight.

We saw his oncologist yesterday, the captain of Steve’s team, and he said that we will stay the course and wait for the immunotherapy to work.

Tomorrow Steve gets his 3rd infusion of the immunotherapy, Opdivo, and they will access his new port.

We are both glad to be home and catch up on some much needed rest and chores.

   - Meg

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