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Journal entry by Meg Howard

[December 3, 2013 last chemo treatment     October 15, 2014 last radiation]

Since about June of 2014, we knew that Steve was free of lung cancer. Since then he has continued to get stronger  . . . until recently. . . .

September 2017

In September of 2017, Steve had a cough and congestion. He figured (hoped) it was fall allergies or bronchitis.

January 2018

We met with Steve’s oncologist mid-November, 2017. Steve was able to get his PET scan on January 9, 2018. Steve had been feeling fatigued and was losing weight. The PET scan results confirmed what we had suspected by now . . . the cancer tumor was back.

Steve went in January 18 to have the tumor debulked and open his airways.

Steve’s case was presented to the tumor board who recommended the treatment plan include (the new) immunotherapy drug (Opdivo).

February 2018

Steve went in for his follow-up bronchoscopy on February 21st, to see if the tumor had grown. As soon as he was hooked up to the cardiac monitor, they saw he was in A-Fib*. This delayed the procedure for about 2 more weeks while they got this under control.

March 2018

On Monday, March 5, again the physician scoped his airways and saw that the tumor had grown back quite a bit. The physician rescheduled him for a more serious procedure in the surgical suite (Wednesday, March 7, 2018) for another debulking and probably a stent in his airways.

We expect to start radiation and immunotherapy next week and hope this will attack the tumor faster than it can grow.

Thank you for your continued prayers - again!

    - Meg,   The Wife
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