Camilla Seifert|Nov 28, 2019
A few days ago David and I were driving along Turnagain Arm in 40 - plus gusts, watching the ”liquid smoke” out at the wind line. It’s November, no snow, no ice floes. I said to Dave: in the old days you and Steve and Ralph would have gone out in that. Someone, likely Steve, would phone: It’s BLH! We miss you, Steve.
Love, Dave and Camilla
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Sue Sutherland|Nov 24, 2019
Jody, Erin and Ginny,
So sorry to miss the open house , I’m out of town at the moment, but I’m there in spirit. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop, your writing is beautiful Jody. Sending lots of love to the Gates family
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Stefan Bennett|Nov 24, 2019
I first met Steve when I first visited the Gorge in 1987, then worked at Big Winds/Front Street in the early 90’s after moving to Oregon. I hadn’t seen much of Steve in recent years, but when I did he always had a smile and good humor... he will always be a part of my life’s experience, I won’t forget him. My most heartfelt feelings go out to his family and close friends, may his memory bring you solace.
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Jackie Butzen|Nov 23, 2019
Dear Ginny, Erin, & Jodie;
I’ve known Steve as a fellow Windsurfing (watersports) dealer for over 30 years. When
I met him, although he had a serious business side, his infectious smile and sincere warmth always made me feel important like we were long time friends, We only saw each other at “trade shows” and my annual trip to the Gorge, conversing about business, our mutual love of everything water, and family, he was so proud of his family that his smile would get even broader.
Yet, I feel as though I’ve lost a best friend.
His kind and loving spirit is forever with you.
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Joe Robertson|Nov 22, 2019
Steve was truly one of my heroes--and I don't have many. He lived his life with such grace and caring. He had a smile for everyone and time for everyone. He was focused on others, not himself. He inspired me with every interaction. He handled his illness in the same manner that he approached his life--positive but realistic. My hope is to carry a bit of his spirit with me in hopes that I can be "more like Steve."
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Kathleen Moore|Nov 22, 2019
Ginny, Jodie, and Erin,
Though not unexpected, we are sorry to have heard Steve has died. We are in Arizona so will not be there for a toast . In lieu of this, we will do a hike on Sunday from 1-4 in memory of Steve. He truly was an amazing , exceptionally great man and human being. Kathy Moore and Jim Haynes
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Roxanne McClure|Nov 22, 2019
Steve beat us to the finish line and again, he did it with grace and encouragement. Now, he is on to the next level where I'm sure he continues to shine brightly. We are left inspired, tear stained and grateful for his imprint on our lives. Ginny, Erin, Jodie, you are beautiful reflections of a life well lived and loved. So thankful for each of you. Prayers for strength, peace and wisdom as you carry on.
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Jennifer Morrow|Nov 21, 2019
I have to say that I have never "been involved" in the process of losing someone so close. You, Gates family, have expressed such admirable sincerity, truthfulness, and a love and integrity for your extended friends and family by allowing us all to be a part of this journey with you. I thank you for that--with all my heart. I love you all and will miss you deeply, Steve.
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Rainy LaVenture|Nov 21, 2019
Jodie, Erin, and Ginny, I just wanted to say how sorry I am. After rescuing my mom from a ski accident and my sister from a car accident, we all thought of Steve as our family's personal guardian angel! His smile could light up a room, and his laugh was infectious. He cared so deeply for his family, his friends, and his town - he was always looking for ways to give back. Creating a scholarship in his name is such a wonderful way to honor him. Thinking of you all with love.
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Al Paterson|Nov 21, 2019
Aloha Ginny, Erin and Jodie. I hope you all know the huge impact Steve made on everyone he met. He was a true gentleman, a fierce competitor, a passionately proud husband, parent and grandfather, and a fabulous friend. He will be missed by everyone he crossed paths with and Kay and I will always be grateful for his friendship, his valuable counsel, and his enormous smile. You and all the Gates Ohana are all very much in our thoughts.
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