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Site created on February 12, 2021

Welcome to our CaringBridge website! As you know, Steve was hospitalized with Covid pneumonia at the beginning of February, and Bonnie was also Covid positive and holding down the fort at home. There has been such an outpouring of care and support for them that we thought it would be easiest to post updates all in one place. :) We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting!

There is a meal train set up to help Bonnie & Steve with meals as they recover. Right now it is set for a few weeks, but depending on how things go we may add more dates for them later. If you'd like to help in other ways, they would love gift cards for any meal delivery service (Grubhub, Postmates, etc.), restaurants in their area (El Pollo Loco, Panera, Spicy Thai restaurant, Olive Garden, etc.), or their usual grocery stores -- Trader Joe's or Vons. :) You can find the meal train at and check for updates as we see how Steve continues to walk this journey.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Chris McLaughlin

It’s been a little while, so we wanted to give all of you an update on Steve and Bonnie.  First, Bonnie is doing really well.  Her covid symptoms were minimal and she has made a full recovery.  Over the last few weeks, her attention has been focused on helping with Steve’s recovery and making sure he has what he needs.  

Steve’s health continues to improve as well!  Since last Wednesday, he’s been completely off of supplemental oxygen and taking walks with Bonnie and their dogs.  Steve’s energy level is getting higher and he’s feeling more like himself.  He’s been passing the time by planning the renovation of their new home in Oregon.  From what I understand, there’s a four-page task list organized in stages by priority!  This weekend, Steve got to visit with his son, Jeremy who came out to see him.  From what Steve told me, it sounds like it was so good for both of them to see one another and they were so thankful for that time.  Steve is now looking forward to his retirement party at the end of March and his last day will be April 6th.

There are two things that they continue to need prayer for.  First, Steve’s eye has been bothering him since this whole thing started.  His vision has not been as good in that eye, it’s constantly tearing up, and occasionally is in pain.  He has an appointment with an ophthalmologist tomorrow to determine the issue.  Please pray for healing of his eye.  Second, Steve’s surgery to replace his pacemaker is coming up on March 23rd.  Please also pray that the pre-op visit and surgery will go smoothly with no complications.

So many of you have supported them through all of this by providing encouragement, practical needs, and prayers.  Steve and Bonnie both want to say thank you to all of you!  They have both felt so loved and comforted by each of you.
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